Friday, October 29, 2004

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

first weblog

before i actually started a blog, there were so many things inside my head that i wanted to get out there, inside my heart that i wanted to share . . . and now that i have created that forum for these thoughts, they have shied away from exposure . . . that is why i have decided to remain semi-anonymous . . . so that i can freely express my faith and my fears (hmm, does faith & fear ever go together i wonder?) and maybe gain some insight in how to better walk in this pilgrim way.

my interest in blogs began with the “emerging” word . . . emerging church that is . . . my heart was blessed with the honest, open, discussion of faith in blogs i read and they spurred me to search out other believers, to get a better handle on emerging and to also search out the Body of Christ on the web . . .

we each have a place in that Body - i do believe . . . yet i am still searching for my niche . . . hoping that i am in the right spot, not missing something??? . . . i am confident that my faith isn’t misplaced . . . it’s not that . . . but the fact that we aren’t attending a church and lead a type of “shut-in” existence when it comes to a formal church family . . . the explanation - my husband is in pain 24/7 (chronic pain after 2 back surgeries) 2 decades of pain . . . his limitations are my limitations . . . how much of a life do i make outside the home? how much do i leave him to go do my own thing? and do i use him as an excuse to stay in my quiet little world? hmmmmm

so keeping a blog will help me over the winter months (i hope) and possibly i will get in touch with other believers who may have similar problems with being care-givers and yet wanting to re-affirm that there is a place for us in the Body . . .

this is my introduction to why i started this . . . and it may emerge (i do love that word) into something else . . .

i don’t know who will read this

i don’t know who will understand

i just hope that this blog will be something worthwhile and not a waste of space!