Thursday, September 17, 2009

His mercies are new every morning!

i'm ashamed to say that today was the FIRST morning that i got up to take some sunrise pictures!!! when i saw how calm the river was, well i just had to go out to the beach and see the sunrise ... the picture doesn't show how lovely it really was - but you get the idea ... very calming ... very quiet ... a wonderful morning to thank the Lord for everything He has blessed me with ... *huge smile* ...

an update on maria: i was able to visit with her on tuesday ... i got a ride into the city and didn't have to worry about parking in that inner city core area (yay for God's provision in that!)... she had been transferred to a private room, with a beautiful view of the city ... lots of sunshine streamed into her room, making it very cheery ... she said the lights at night were something to see ... she is receiving good care there ... and it was her shoulder area that had a fracture (i had received some wrong info previously), thankfully it doesn't need surgery!!! i don't know how long they will keep her in, her poor body is really suffering with the complications of diabetes ... she wanted me to thank you for your prayers!!!


Jammie J. said...

Oh what a lovely morning picture! Thank you so much for taking that so I could laze in bed and enjoy the beauty of the back of my eyelids without guilt!! :)

Glad you were able to see your sister with minimal stress on your part about getting there! I hope she continues to rest as comfortably as possible.

Mari said...

What a beautiful picture!
I'm so glad you were able to spend that time with Maria.

Susan said...

Beautiful sunrise. You are carrying so much with your husband and your sister. God bless you for your faithfulness :o)

grammy said...

Wow, awesome pic. Glad Maria at least has a great view in her room (o:

Sita said...

Gorgeous pic! Sunrises seem to be even more magical than sunset--like starting the day with God..
Good news about Maria..
do take care, Saija..
Love, Sita

Cathy said...

That is a beautiful picture, Saija! I'm glad you got to visit Maria and that she has a nice view. Praying for His healing touch ~

Amrita said...

Good morning Saija, bright lovely morning to ya.

Good to read Maria 's news. May she recover from her complications.
She is getting good medical attention.

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
I admire your ability to see God's blessings even in troublesome times like this.

Dear Lord, we are waiting for you to help and heal Maria.
We're waiting for you like the watch man for the morning.
Bless us with your grace and spirit.
From Felisol

Pat said...

Many of us miss the best part of the day..God's beautiful sunrise. Thank you for providing such a glorious pcture.
Maria continues to be in my prayers, God has brought her so far, and I always give thanks for that gift, as well as asking for her healing.
How can we express what it means to say His mercies are new every morning? No words can say just how awesome and life changing that is!!

Nancy said...

The sunrise is fantastic!! but I'm so sorry to hear of Maria's troubles again.. I will be lifting you all to Jesus!!

Fred said...

What a gorgeous picture. I get to see the sunrise every day and it is one of the finest moments of my day.

I'll be praying for Maria.

Felisol said...

Thinking of you..and Maria.
Praying for you just now before entering the day.
From felisol

Felisol said...

Dear Jesus,
please stay close by Maria's, Saija's and Leo's side today.
From Felisol