Saturday, March 05, 2011

last week

i can't believe that we are in our last week in AZ ... i have talked to leo twice daily, usually, so i feel connected - i know he is well ... which allows me to enjoy my time here ...

the weather was "cool" (boy is that term relative!) our first days here, but that was ok - since we took a side trip right away ... and since last wednesday, it has been mid 70's and up ... not too hot, but quite comfortable ...

just saying hi ... maybe the next note will be from home with more pics?  blessings on you guys!


Felisol said...

Hi, Saija,
I'm so happy for you.
Enjoy, enjoy your days in the sun.

Mari said...

Beautiful sunset! Seeing a sunset with a cactus in it is so different that what we are used to.
Glad you are having fun and Leo is well!

Deborah said...

Hey Saija! Glad you're checking in. Looking forward to pictures!

Cathy said...

Hi, sweet friend. So glad you are enjoying your trip, and Leo is well. Hugs ~

Pat said...

I've been thinking of you while you are out West. I'm sure that Leo is counting down the days till his Saija returns!
So glad you got away and enjoyed your little vaca!

Jammie J. said...

70ish degree weather is wonderful. :)

All too soon you'll be home to the snow and cold, but Leo will be there to warm your heart. :)

Sandy said...

So beautiful. Hope you do
have more pictures to share.
Have a safe trip home.

Amrita said...

Hi Saija, glad to hear you are having a greatt time.

The weather seems similar to India . Our Canadian visitors also enjoyed it.

Crown of Beauty said...

The pictures you posted are truly beautiful, and as I have scrolled down to read some of your previous posts, I'm so glad to read the good developments.

Snow on your birthday... wow. What a blessing. And a new doctor for Leo, that's also good news.

Hope you pack enough sunny memories with you to take back to Canada!


Mrs. Mac said...

Now that you are back safely home .. your beautiful pictures will be yet another bright spot to bring warmth for many winters to come. May the Lord give you a magnificent spring awakening to your high country prairie! Leo is a trouper .. and so are you :)