Friday, August 19, 2011

chit chat ...

we celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary a few days ago ... amazing how the years flow by quickly!!!  we had a really nice day ... cake and company from alberta ...  next day, leo and i spent it together - just chatting, like the old friends we are -  thinking back to the highs and lows - how God has lead us and taught us along the way ... it was sweet ...

since indie, our shelter cat, passed away 6 months ago - we finally added another little fur ball to our household ... we call him our 'lil buddy ... we've had him a month now, and we are in love!  he is the sweetest little guy ... we are having so much fun with him ... i had told leo that i didn't want another cat - and leo reluctantly agreed ... but poor leo was watching every cat food commercial, pausing the tv every time he saw even a wee bit of some stray cat!!! plus i had to print a picture of our fearless feline for him, which he placed on his table and looked at longingly! ... sooooo i gave in ... and so far i haven't regretted it ...

update on my glaucoma problems ...  i am scheduled for lazer surgery this wednesday ... the doc is doing one eye now and then will do the other eye later ... i am nervous about it - but it is good to get it fixed now, and hopefully have good eyesight for years to come ... just trusting that God has this all prepared ahead of time and will bring something good out of it for His glory ...

blessings on your weekend!!!


Mari said...

Happy Anniversary~! It's our 30th on Sunday, so we're following right behind you. I'm sorry to hear about Indie - I know how much you enjoyed him. Glad you have a new kitty to keep you company!

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
I am impressed that you are looking so close and happy after all these years uphill climbing.
37 years, that is quite an achievement.
From my own life I know that life in sickness and in health can be challenging when it's mostly about sickness.
Anyone who sees you must be encouraged and uplifted.
Maybe it's hope for us too.
The 23 years we have been married I somehow always have reckoned the 19th of August for our wedding day. We married quietly, or feverishly, we already had a baby girl and were busy working and I also taking more education to get a more convenient job for a family and child person. I remember having been at school before the wedding took place, and Gunnar picking me up. It must have been a Saturday, and in 1988 Saturday was August 20th. That means we actually are having our anniversary today. I'll have to look in our papers as soon as Gunnar wakes up.
Reading your blog in the middle of the night made me think.
First, have we forgotten our anniversary once more. It used to be one of the most hectic days of the year. School start for Gunnar (teacher) and Serina. Now we are retired, but that day still seems to slip our minds.
Not this time.
I feel convinced there was no coincidence I read the blog just now.
I wish you a happy celebration in Manitoba and us ditto in a few hours.
May God bless all of us.
Yours felisol
PS The kitten is adorable. Hope it may have a good life with you. I felt I couldn't bear to love another cat after Marcello disappeared. One day I said, "If God wants us to have another cat, He'll have to send us one. The next day Amidala stood before our door, in the snow with icicles hanging from her fur.How could we not offer her food and shelter.
I use to say that Amidala adopted us.
God is great, He loves even the sparrows, cats and bewildered human beings.

Becky said...

37 years! Happy Anniversary!! I look foward to the years until we get there. We are at 16. A little ways to go, yet.

jel said...

happy Anniversary,

not much on cats myself, but glad ya gave in :)

have a ya in my thoughts and prayers!


Susan said...

Great picture. Happy Anniversary. I pray that the surgery is 100% successful. I pray for the Dr. & nurses involved and a speedy recovery.

Amrita said...

Hapy anniversary Saija and leo. Nay the lord bless your coming years together with love, joy and all good things

daisymarie said...

Celebrating with you. How good it is to have that special, easy-flowing, ability to just be together. Love the kitten. Will be holding you in prayer as you face your surgery. Everyone I know, including my mom, who have had the surgery done are so pleased...trusting that for you.

the⋆silver⋆of⋆His⋆fining said...

Saija, Your picture is wonderful! and Happy Anniversary! I put your surgery on my prayer list. Isn't it wonderful what they can do to correct such things? Trust God will give you needed grace. Love your kitty. They are such good company. God bless. Joyce

Deborah said...

Happy anniversary!
I'm glad you got your kitten..he's so cute!
Hope all goes well on Wednesday.

Mrs. Mac said...

A few days late .. but wishing you both many more happy anniversaries :) The cat is adorable .. and will fill the days with much amusement. What a great picture of the two of you!

xxx Cathy

Cathy said...

Now, how in the world did I miss all this?! Happy late Anniversary wishes to my sweet couple of friends. I did not even know about your surgery either. I'm glad it went well. Hugs ~

Jammie J. said...

Happy belated anniversary to you and Leo. I prayed that your laser (lazik?) eye surgery went well and that the recovery is swift.

You new kitten is cute. :)