Sunday, October 23, 2011

in the poster making mode

it seems that everything i read ... and the pictures i have in my albums ... are coming together in a fun and hopefully blessed way these days ... :o)

just sharing with ya - once again!


daisymarie said...

That a beautiful pic and I really love the spiritual application. Thanks!

Mari said...

Just beautiful!

Pat said...

Amen sister. Only he can straighten our paths and be that lamp before our feet!

Felisol said...

Once more; your photos are so beautiful, art made to praise God.

When to road divides, which direction to follow?
Thy will be done, is often such a hard prayer to me.
Then again, I have experienced that His will for me is always for my own good.

Sandy said...

Beautiful! You do praise the Lord
with your photos, Saija.