Tuesday, June 19, 2012

posters and books

i made another poster ... i am slowly learning more about my photoshop program ... and mostly enjoying the process! 

i've also been reading gracia burnham's 2nd book, to fly again ... gracia is the new tribes missionary, who along with her husband martin,  was kidnapped by muslim extremists in manila in 2001 ... martin was unfortunately killed during their rescue  and gracia was shot in the leg ... i read her first book, in the presence of my enemies, detailing their year in the jungle ... and now this second book talks about her life back in the states and without her husband ... she learned so many lessons along the way ... talk about baptism in fire!

the other busy activity here in middle earth, is the celebration of my uncles 90th birthday, my aunts 85th birthday and their 67th wedding anniversary ... my cousins are holding an open house on saturday and we've all been doing our part to help get things ready ... happy occasion ... *smile* ...

blessings on  you ...


Mari said...

Nice poster! I remember when that happened with the Burnhams and watching the funeral. I'm sure the book is inspiring!
Enjoy all those celebrations!

Cathy said...

I love that verse. Have fun at the celebrations. Hugs ~

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
Imagine, god hasn't only given us salvation through his son, but he is looking down to see if any understands his tremendous gift and seek him. Such incredible love and patience.
I need to be told over and over again.
From felisol

jel said...

VERY COOL poster!

and hope the celebration isa Big one and Fun :) Par~Teeeeee!!!!

Amrita said...

Wow, such a lovely poster. Blessings

Crown of Beauty said...

The poster is lovely, Saija. You can print them out and make greetings cards to give away!

We prayed for the burnhams... I haven't read the books she has written. But maybe one of these days I will.

Happy celebrations, and hope you are enjoying your summer so far!