Saturday, October 05, 2013

one day ...

during my morning walk, i was thanking the Lord for everything i saw - the beauty of the place where i live ... and a verse came to mind ... "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard the things I have prepared for those who love Me ... " ... i thought ... WOW!!!  it's going to get even better than this ... one day ... some day ... soon?

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Felisol said...

I know there is a better place. I stood beside my Mom as she first rose out of bed after having been 10 days just outside Heaven's gates 2 years ago, when her heart stopped working for some time.The two of us stood looking out in the dark and rainy night, when my mother said "out of the blue2, "Oh, I have never seen,...oh, I have never imagined,..oh, what a beauty,..oh what a glittering light." She smiled both exhausted and relieved.Her face shun. I followed her to bed, with a peace beyond words. She did not remember the revelation the day after, but Gunnar and I were witnesses. Now she is a part of a beauty beyond words.
I have been kind of shy to talk about it, but God gave us something after having fought through ten nights. Something to hold on to. A confirmation of our belief.