Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Guard your heart ...

" ... Before the new birth, sin was clearly our master.  Now there's a vastly more powerful rival in the Spirit of God.  We have entered a war zone.

The front lines of the war zone are located in our hearts ... Worthless idols never deliver on their promises.  God always does.  It should be obvious where to set our hearts.

In your daily war against the sin that so easily infects your life, remember to guard your heart.  Watch where you set it.  Be extremely careful not to let it dwell on impure or unworthy things.  Let it be filled with God alone."

excerpt from "Wonder of the Cross devotional" by Chris Tiegreen 


Maggie Ann said...

Hi Saija, I like that truth..'worthless idols never deliver'. Good food for thought. We have to be on guard. My energy level is so low....I want to get my cello out and practise scales. Sounds boring ....but it is a good thing. Hope you are having a good day! Son was home this week end, arms covered with poison ivy.....and now we are worried that we will be breaking out with it too. Thoughtful of him to bring it h ome, but we love him anyway. Can't think of more to I"ll just send you a hug via the net. Its always good to come by your blog...homey and comfortable. Forgot to say......I've been enjoying sewing summer skirts. Simple ones, but its so nice.

Maggie Ann said...

How nice of you to come visit me.....super nice! I am last one up but am such a slowpoke. Bet you had a great time with your visiting family =) hope so anyway. I know what you mean about getting tired out faster. I got this cool tea called 'calm' and it is very good. Better call it a day but always always enjoy touching base with you. Hope your tomorrow is restful and blessed.