Wednesday, July 20, 2016


i agree with this statement ... prayer does change things .. most notably, the one on their knees ... 

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Maggie Ann said...

Hi Saija, What a wonderful truth! Our lives are meant to be so rich with God....and I let myself get distracted by the stuff in this world far to often. Which reminds me...there is a load of clothes waiting on me to hang them up before they wrinkle. I just heard thunder! its overcast today...a great day to enjoy a favorite movie. Its been up around 90+ degrees here and I'm just a '0'.

You are such a wonderful blogging friend. Every so often I think of killing my blog....oh dear, that sounds violent. lol. Anyway, I 'm glad I don't.
retirement is different.....=) but nice....I just can't fritter away the hours like I used to. Now I fritter away the hours watching 'Gunsmoke' lol. with love....k.