Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Autumn's last hurrah!

i took the picture yesterday ... the tamaracks are a beautiful colour at this time of year ... but the cooler weather is definitely on it's way ...  i always need patient endurance for the winter months ...


Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful photo... and soon all will be covered in white. It surely serves a purpose in God's plan, but I can only imagine how difficult winter must be for everyone. It is a hard lesson on patient endurance. Keeping you close to my heart, dear Saija. Your gentle heart is such a blessing to me. Shalom, Lidia

Maggie Ann said...

That is beautiful! What rich color. I love your posters, of the ones you sent me I had a few printed off in 4x6 size and sent them to my sister in cards....she loved them too!

We are having a burst of cold windy ...and rainy weather. None of our flowers have been done anything with yet. They are outside hanging their heads. Cheery picture, eh...hahah.

Endurance is a good word for winter's gray days.. sending a hug...k.