Sunday, May 19, 2019

to follow GOD is always a choice ... choose wisely.

have you ever been in situations when you wanted something, someone, a way of life maybe … but you knew it would be a bad bad choice for you?  and you pray, Oh Lord - stop me, somehow stop me … but nothing happens and you continue walking towards a way that will hurt you in the end … those are the times when people get mad at God … like somehow it is His fault for our own poor choices and less than pure desires … …. I have come to believe that those are the times HE has tested us to see IF we really want Him … above all else … above anything and everything … to love Him more than the desires of our hearts/minds  … to make HIM our desire … our choice … our way of life … and if/when we have turned our faces towards the only LIGHT there is in this world - Jesus our Saviour - then GOD will take that "other" desire away … and we will wonder how we could have even compared anything to GOD … how we could have thought to love anything other than Jesus … there is always a choice, choose wisely … 

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