Friday, October 14, 2005

God's canvas

Sunset in my world Posted by Picasa

i was doing the dishes, enjoying the view of the river as the sun was setting ... tonight's sunset was so lovely that i wanted to try and capture the beauty ... even braving a possible meeting with our neighbourhood black bear! so i grabbed my camera and ran to the backyard ... i snapped away ... this is one of the scenes that i was blessed to view ... of course, i had to share it with you all ... *smile* ... God's canvas and art is the best! dontcha think?


Over the sunset mountains, Some day i'll softly go,
Into the arms of Jesus - He who has love me so.
Over the sunset mountains, Heaven awaits for me;
Over the sunset mountains, Jesus my Savior I'll see.
Toiling will all be ended, Shadows will flee away;
Sorrow will be forgotten - O what a wonderful day!

John W. Peterson

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