Monday, March 20, 2006


my west-coast sister took the above picture yesterday ... spring has sprung in her part of Canada ... i stuck my nose to the screen and tried to inhale the fragance - but alas, all i inhaled was computer dust!!!

though i am believing that soon, very soon - spring will arrive here in Manitoba too!

check out last years praise post on the arrival of spring ...
click here ... it applies to this year too! may God grant you springtime in your heart as well ..

Your time has come,
now hasten little snowflakes,
To vanish quite away;
The spring-tide hours are sounding gentle warnings
Forbidding you to stay.
~ M. E. Hathaway


Mindy said...

Beautiful photo...I wanted to inhale the fragrance as well...:) wonderful post too...have a great day dear and blessings to you and yours!

Lolly said...

The only bad thing about Spring is that Summer is not far behind. And in Texas, Summer is about the worst season (if you're not a kid!)
but Spring is beautiful!

Barbara said...

I will know it is spring here when I see a lamb!

Saija said...

mindy ... my sister takes nice pics ... :o) ... blessings to you too!

lolly ... ya, i can only imagine the heat of a texas summer ... though AZ must be worse - there is always someone worse off, eh?!! we have lovely temps but the mosquitoes can be hungry & plentiful!

barbara ... that is a different herald of spring - a lamb ... we know it's spring when the potholes in the street become cavernous! *chuckling* ...

Badoozie said...

clean you nose smudge off the screen you silly gurl!!

Maggie Ann said...

Thats a sweet little poem. I just read in the paper we can expect winter to hang around longer in our part of the world. I don't care if it does, I like

Saija said...

susie ... 'k, all cleaned!

maggie ann ... i liked that poem too ... :o) ... at the moment we are getting a slow melt in our area, which is fine ... don't want to have flash floods or anything!!! and would you believe, another month and i will be going back to work!