Saturday, January 27, 2007


So much in life depends on "where you're
coming from "as you face your
circumstances. The secret, of course, is
perspective. Even bad news can sound like
good news if it is seen from a certain
vantage point.
~Charles R. Swindoll


jel said...

hi you 2 :)

thanks for this post, I think that is what happen to me with that icestorm!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful quote and beautiful picture. Enjoy your Sunday!!

Corry said...

Great quote!

Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday!

God's Grace.

Saija said...

jel ... those pics you took of the ice-storm were just awesome! *huggs* to you too!

mindy ... i like Dr. Swindoll's quotes, they always make me think! blessings backatcha

corry ... we've had a wonderful peaceful day - :o) ... God's grace to you too!

Terry said...

Oh Saija..The prairies!! beautiful and so is your quote..Love Terry

Saija. what kind of flower is it? A Holly-hock? It is so pretty..

Maggie Ann said...

Perspective...can make the clouds go away and the sun come times. How precious to know our times are in his hand and he delights in us. *hugs*

Saija said...

terry ... i'm not sure of the flower, but i just loved pic! looking forward to warmer days here in the prairies ... it is definitely double longjohn weather at the moment!

maggie ann ... amen ... leo's saying lately has been "No God, no peace ... Know God, Know peace!" ... *hugs* backatcha!

daisymarie said...

That is so true and good. Thanks for the reminder.

Saija said...

tina ... when something reminds me - i like to pass it along! :o)

pt2006 said...

So true, it is all about perspective. Sometimes it is not what we see, but how it looks.

Saija said...

pt ... perspective, mixed with a right attitude ... good combo, eh? :)