Sunday, May 10, 2009

sunday morning thoughts ...

Be strong, He has not failed you
In all the past,
And will He go and leave you
To sink at last?
No, He said He will hide you
Beneath His wing;
And sweetly there in safety
You then may sing.

* * * * *

Don't steal tomorrow from God's hands.
Give Him time to speak to you and reveal His will.
He is never late - learn to wait.

* * * * *

blessed sunday to you - my sweet blog buds ... my life continues with lessons in faith ... waiting ... being still and listening ... whereas i just want to go forth, speak my mind and work in my own strength - you know, make things happen! you'd think at this stage of "maturity" i would have learned to rest in Him who is ever faithful! i'm glad that He is ever patient too! *smile* ...

maria continues doing "well" at home ... which is due to the prayers of God's people - thank you! i visited with her last week - and also met her Christian health care worker! isn't God wonderful to provide a believer as maria's helper? !!!! this lady is in her 60's and she told me that she has never seen someone in maria's condition, able to go home after months of hospitalization ... she gave all the praise to Jesus ... i add my amen!

may you find God in unexpected places this sunday morning ...


Jammie J. said...

I think we all get refresher courses in the classes of patience, listening and curbing our words. God's good at tailoring our classes, too.

I'm glad Maria's close enough that you're able to periodically visit her. I'm sure that gives her a lift to know she's so well loved.

I hope your Sunday is a beautiful one.


Mari said...

Having a christian care giver is an unexpected blessing! Have a great day~!

felisol said...

Dear Saija,
we tend to forget that He is surrounding us all the time.
I praise the Lord for Maria and her nurse. For Leo and Saja enduring years and years of suffering without blaming him.
He is in your home daily.
You, enduring all those trials are a living proof of that.
From Felisol

Fred said...

Hi Saija. I hope you had a great day. I love visiting your blog...there's always something that challenges me when I read your posts.

Catherine said...

I'm so glad to hear that Maria is doing well at home! She remains in my thoughts and prayers.

Susan said...

God, the same yesterday, today, and forever. "On the solid rock we stand all other soil is sinking sand."

Crown of Beauty said...

May you find God in unexpected places this Sunday morning...

What beautiful words, Saija.

And thank you for gracing my blog place with your visit.

I continue to pray for you, and Leo, and Maria and her testimony to God's faithfulness!

Amrita said...

Praise God for Maria 's progress. It must be so good to be at home.

God bless

Cathy said...

I'm glad Maria is doing well and that you got to see her. Hope you had a great day.

Love and Hugs,


Linda said...

Resting in His promises...waiting on His in His lovingkindness...

Apart from Him we can do nothing. :-)

Much love and blessings to you, Saija!

Pat said...

All the time I was away from home I was praying for Maria. I'm so glad to hear she is home and God has placed a wonderful care giver in her life.
Our lives change like shifting sand, but Christ the solid rock is unchanging. You have been such a faithful and loving sister, I know that God has honored your prayers, and I know that Maria has felt your strength. We all draw from one another!

Sita said...

I'm like you, this stage of my life, I would have thought I had the 'resting in God's Providence' down glad God does not get weary and that His patience knows no end...

so wonderful God provided for Maria...may you both draw from His wellspring of life this day..
Love, Sita

grammy said...

So happy for Maria. Such a blessing to have a great Christian care giver (o:

Flip Flop Floozie said...

I have missed hearing from you...I know I have been bad about coming by..Seems like the days are so full anymore and just fly by..You know you said at this stage of your maturity, you should be learning..Well dear let me tell you..I am older and I am still having the hardest time..Though i do believe that it is getting easier as the years roll by..

Maggie Ann said...

I loved reading your post. I came across a verse just recently about 'healing in his wings'....and paused to talk about it with my hubby. What a wondrous truth! I want to hang onto it. Is a blessing to hear that your sister is home and doing well. Praise the Lord! I like how you share your thoughts in your posts. We can all identify with such truths. I know I can. I haven't been blogging as much lately, but I figure if I get 'toit' once a week or so...I'll still keep blogging. I'm so busy having fun with wool right Have you read any Christian fiction lately? I sure have! *hugs* from Maggie Ann....boy that sure is close to Raggedy Ann...isn't it? grin.

Anonymous said...
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felisol said...

Dear saija,
Just called in to say I care. And that I remember Maria, Leo and yourself in prayer. And of course your Mom.
From Felisol