Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

it's our thanksgiving weekend here in Canada ... and what a beauty it has been ... we have been the Canadian hotspot for days now ... last year we must have been the coldest place in Canada (with 10 cm of snow!) and this year it is t-shirt weather ... guess who's not complaining????  *smile* ...

i'm at a loss as to what to share in this post ... it seems that leo and i have turned into this retired couple, whose days are filled with a sweet routine ... i get up first to have my coffee and quiet time ... then when leo is up and about - we have our devotions together ... after that, i go for my walk and leo has his quiet time ... then there are the chores, shopping, visits ... and before i know it - it's evening and time to read the paper, read a book or watch a favourite show or two on tv!!! 

i am also still struggling with "a sadness" ... maria's death?  leo's continued chronic pain and health decline?  i don't know ... just a sadness ... i am riding that tide, talking to my Heavenly Father who knows my  heart ... and maybe there can be some sharing of lessons learned - but that would be in the future ... for today - i am just thankful that there is a real place called heaven ... and there, a place is being prepared for me by Jesus - my Saviour ... the sadness i feel today will be left behind ... joy will be the order of everyday ... BUT don't get me wrong, i know God gives us joy in this life too ... and i DO feel His love and joy - even though i am in this other type of season ...

i know - this too shall pass!!!

so on this thanksgiving weekend - i count my many many blessings (blog buds counted!) and share some photo's i took this weekend!

morning view

canada geese practising for their long trip south

out for my walk


Mari said...

Hi Saija,
Happy Thanksgiving to you tomorrow. I have a friend from Canada, who now lives near me. Her daughter got married yesterday so all the Canadian family is in town, and celebrated Thanksgiving together after church today.
The weather here is also beautiful and I'm loving it too.
Your pictures are gorgeous and I love the new header!
Sorry about the melancholy feeling - you have had a lot and it takes it's toll on the mind. I'll be praying for you.

jel said...

happy Thanksgiving :)

love that first picture!


hello to Leo

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm so very thankful that you continue to share aspects of your life through your blog.

Amrita said...

Happy thanksgiving Saija and Leo. Lovely photos.

Mrs. Mac said...

Happy Thanksgiving .. There are different seasons of life .. each one with its own challenges. Praying for you and Leo tonight.


Susan said...

Please pray for our daughter, Suzette.

Ramblings of a middle-age goddess said...

Good Morning!! I can understand about your sadness and as people say..This too shall pass and it will!! My sister in law has lost her mother; sister; father and now probably here sister in law just in 1 year!! She has really leaned on God to get through this..Oh and she had breast cancer at the same time. I am just telling you this to show you that it could be even worse. I know that it will not help you...but..lean on God!!

Blessings, Sandy

Cathy said...

I know you had a Happy Thanksgiving. It is great to hear from you. Praying for you, my sweet friend ~ Your pictures are so pretty. Love and Hugs ~

Deborah said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Isn't it nice to finally have summer weather?!

Debra said...

Oh, are your vitamin D levels ok? More and more people are finding that those levels make a huge difference. Vitamin D3 is the one to take if you're not getting lots of sun. Oh, and I'm finding that krill oil helps me sleep sooo much better which helps me feel better during the daytime, too! (Doctor Debra here, but I just wanna help!) :)

I'm so glad you had a peaceful and pleasant Thanksgiving. Your days sound a lot like mine and they are such a blessing, no matter what other go-getters may think. heh. There's nothing better than peace in a home and a sweet, warm love between two people! Hugs, Debra

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Saija
Your post is so honest and I can also relate to the sadness you talk about, a kind of longing for heaven.

Hold on to Him, as I know you are.

THe pictures are lovely.

Hugs and love,