Thursday, November 25, 2010

thank God there is enough!

as the snow continues to fall in our little corner of the world, i pray that all my american buds have a wonderful and safe thanksgiving day ... blessings on ya!

scene outside my window this morning

"Thank God there is enough. 
In God there is enough love to cover every mistake,
enough light to brighten the darkest hour,
enough power to meet every need." 
~ anon


Mrs. Mac said...

I love the quote .. thanks for the Thanksgiving greeting. Keep warm. We're frozen here too.

Mari said...

Thanks for remembering us Saija.
Your snowy scene is pretty. No snow here yet, but some is supposed to fall tonight.

Sandy said...

No snow here. In fact, it
was in the 60's with bright
sun on this Thanksgiving
day. I love snow though and
hope we get lots this winter.
I love the quote and will
copy it into my journal.
Hope you are well.

Susan said...

What a beautiful picture and quote. I think I'll borrow the quote for my facebook. Suzette was too ill to come to our celebration today so our day was bitter/sweet but we are thankful for the many blessing we have.

Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely quote Saija. And is it snowing already in Manitoba? Such a wonderful wintry morning! Love the quiet and serene atmosphere of your picture.


jel said...

thank ya !

like the shot, but it looks cold :)

hello to Leo


Debra said...

My oh my oh my... all that snow! Yikes.

I've been meaning and meaning to thank you so much for the email pictures of your snow which you sent me. I enjoyed them so much--really! And they made me feel grateful that we've still not had any snow yet. heh. But really, your snow made me think cozy thoughts of Leo and you safe in your sweet home. And that was nice.

We are due for snow this weekend. Alas. Has to arrive sometime, I guess!

Thanks for sharing your world with us! It's always a pleasant thing to come over here to visit you. Blessings, Debra

Cathy said...

A very pretty picture, Dear ~ I see that snow has started again already.
Love and Hugs ~

Pat said...

Beautiful and does quiet a soul while it is falling. Then you have to go outside and clear it and your soul...and muscles are wide awake!! LOL!
Looks like good pie making weather...have you made any pies for Leo lately?

daisymarie said...

Always, always enough.

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
We all have much to be thankful about, even if there are and always will be problems in our lives as well.

I over and over again quote the old Norwegian poet, Henrik Wergeland,
"Under the starry sky, do not complain about lack of bright spots in your life."
I've got to admit, I am the one, most in need of that reminder.

These days I thank for snow, brightening and prolonging our short days.

I also thank for the house guest cat, coming for short visits, when his folks are at work.

We don't have the courage to take upon the responsibility for yet another cat. This charming guy we feed outdoors, but let him inside for company and cuddling.
The three of us are feeling blessed.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh wow! You have a winter wonderland already. Love the picture and the poem.....big hug...=)

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Saija, Just a hello from me! We've been out Christmas shopping...but its slow going so far. Its easy to buy for children but harder to know what another adult may like, isn't it....Its very very cold today, snowing off and on. My down filled coat came in handy, I wish I'd of had one years ago. Thinking of you tonight, and sending up a prayer for you & your hubby.