Monday, December 06, 2010

tis the season ...

tis the season for hurrying ... for fretting ... for being tired and cranky ... ?

no no no ... !

tis the season for magnifying and thanking Jesus ... i always have to make a conscious attitude adjustment around the early stages of Christmastime ... to remind myself that i am not super woman ... that it's not a competition between who has the nicest decorations or who gives the best gifts ... rather, it's a time of thanksgiving to the ONE who gave up everything to live among us - us, who don't deserve the lavish love of a forgiving God ... yet it is His free gift to us through Jesus, the One and Only ...

above is a pic of our condo central, taken yesterday ... we do have snow, don't we?  ... and again this year - leo and i gave thanx for this condo that God made available to us, 4 years ago ... living in town has been such a huge blessing!!  especially during those stormy periods, when the highways have been slippery - i just lace up my boots and walk!!!

well, i walk in town ... but going to the city is another matter ... i was nervous about my first time out on the highways, on wintery roads, last week - thankfully i regained some winter driving confidence - and it went well ... i had to go to the city because of my appointment with the eye specialist ... remember that glaucoma thing i shared about?  well, the doc said i don't need lazer surgery - but i may need drops for the rest of my life ... he wants a few more tests done (in march), then we'll see ...

and have i shared that leo will be getting ANOTHER new doctor?  i think this will be the 5th new gp for him in 4 years!  we hope that this doc is good - and that he decides to make our little town his home ... hope hope hope ...

well, time to unwrap more of this new day that God has given to me ... blessings on all who stop by here!


jel said...

has it been 4 years ?

ya do have abit of snow :)

take care

Deborah said...

Hi Saija, It seems like doctors don't stick around like they used to! I hope you get good news in March.
I don't know if I told you...I've restructured my blogs, and started a new one- Deborah's Journey. The one you usually visit is now my music blog.
Happy Monday!

Amrita said...

Oh dear that' s real snow!

Susan said...

Wonderful read as always. Sounds like life is good for you two. Have a wonderful Christmas SEASON.

Sandy said...

Good to hear from you again!
The snow can be an inconvenience
but it is so beautiful. We only
have a dusting today.
I pray for eyes will get better
and the drops will be all you'll
ever need, no surgery.
I was wondering about your husband
the other day and hoping he was
perhaps feeling better.

Cathy said...

Your little condo is so pretty. Can't believe all that snow! It snowed like crazy here Saturday, and melted on Sunday. I'm sorry Leo has to get another doctor. That is probably what is going to happen here with that new bill passed. Blessings ~

Mari said...

Glad things are going well, even with yet another Dr coming. Praying he is a good one, with staying power!

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
You are having a real arctic winter, not very different from those of Finland, I think.
My mother, living only 120 kilometers away from us, has also already had her share of snow.The difference between the coast and the inland.
I hope you have a nice, hot fireplace. There's nothing like a good wood fire to keep a body warm.

A good thing if your glaucoma is under control. Eye drops are not so bad.
Oh, I wish for Leo, that his new doctor will be staying in your beautiful corner of the world.
Having to tune in with a new doctor that often, must be both depressing and exhausting.
Oh, I so wish you a row of peaceful, painless, ordinary days.
I think that's what illness has taught me most; appreciating everyday life, and counting stars under the dark sky.
Yours Felisol

Tim said...

Hi Saija,
Greetings from frigid and snowbound Alberta (at least where we are). I must have missed your post about glaucoma. Be sure to stay on top of that (as I'm sure you will).
We wish you and Leo every possible blessing and pray God's grace, comfort, healing and provision in the year to come for you both. We especially pray for a permanent, sensitive and merciful doctor for Leo and you.

Nancy said...

Oh, Saija, I haven't visited in such a long time, I'm glad to see your still here and all is well. You did get dumped on with snow for sure~~~we are just getting a good dose of it now. After all it is winter. Great read as usual..Blessings my friend

Pat said...

I would rather have eye drops then surgery..I'm kind of squeemish about eye surgery!
I pray that Leo's new Dr. is th best yet, and that he will have the desire to stay and care for his patients long term.
Well, heat up that oven and make you man a pie...wish I could come share a piece and some precious fellowship!! One day...if not here then in heaven we will have that fellowship!

Linda said...

Beautiful post! Ohh look at all the snow-looks just like England and we have had so much recently. It is pretty to look at but not so good when out in it!.
Have a good evening.

Catherine said...

I'm glad to hear you won't need laser surgery! I hope the drops will do the trick. I'll be crossing my fingers that Leo will like his new doctor and that, if he does, the doc will stick around for a long while!