Tuesday, December 21, 2010

grace is for everyone ...

leo and i were watching day of discovery this morning ... one of the songs they used was this one:

Some Children See Him
by Wihla Hutson & Alfred S. Burt 1951.

Some children see Him lily white,
the baby Jesus born this night.
Some children see Him lily white,
with tresses soft and fair.
Some children see Him bronzed and brown,
The Lord of heav'n to earth come down.
Some children see Him bronzed and brown,
with dark and heavy hair.

Some children see Him almond-eyed,
this Savior whom we kneel beside.
some children see Him almond-eyed,
with skin of yellow hue.
Some children see Him dark as they,
sweet Mary's Son to whom we pray.
Some children see him dark as they,
and, ah! they love Him, too!

The children in each different place
will see the baby Jesus' face
like theirs, but bright with heavenly grace,
and filled with holy light.
O lay aside each earthly thing
and with thy heart as offering,
come worship now the infant King.
'Tis love that's born tonight!

it just reminded me that Jesus came for everyone ... no one is outside of God's love, or more special than someone else ... we are all sinners ... and can all be saved by grace ... now that is a gift that only the foolish would refuse!


Mrs. Mac said...

I'm still in awe of what His birth has done .. to make the world stand still to this day and remember Him.

Debra said...

Oh, I know... It's amazing that some people turn Him down! But then, sometimes I understand why they do--because of the way they 'see Jesus' represented by us. And when I think of *that*, I shudder. What a responsibility we have to show the world a real, loving Jesus! Thanks for sharing the song....Debra

Maggie Ann said...

Oh how true, how precious ...Merry Christmas dear Saija to you and Leo. *hugs* this dark and snowy evening coming to you from across the way.

Cathy said...

That is beautiful, Dear. Merry Christmas to you and Leo. Hugs !

Brenda's Arizona said...

Joyous Noel, Saija!

Deborah said...

Hi Saija, I hope you and Leo enjoyed a blessed Christmas!