Saturday, December 03, 2011

christmas past, christmas present

i miss christmas' past ... when we were able to gather with family - the noise, the children and wrapping paper strewn everywhere ... days that have gone by ...leaving only sweet memories and faded pictures as reminders ... 

these days, as christmas time quiets down for us, the stillness helps my cluttered brain settle on my heart celebration of Jesus'  ...  His redemptive visit to planet earth ... then i look to the future and think of His return visit ... thoughts that my earth bound mind has trouble visualizing  ... yet the spirit born within me, hums and thinks on these things ... angels singing, wise men bowing and lowly shepherds (that'd be me) kneeling with awe ... Jesus has come!


Pat said...

I too reflect on Christmas past, when my girls and then my grands were small. They were glorius chaotic times! Now all are grown and it's taken on a new reverence once again.
The focus is more on it should be. Life comes full circle and eventually our hearts and minds receive and embrace the glory of His birth with greater joy and anticipation, and like you said, thought of our Saviors return!
Christmas Hugs my friend!

daisymarie said...

When I think about where I would position myself in the Christmas story, I hope I would be worshipping and not be the Innkeeper's wife, sure that there was no room.

Sandy said...

I miss when my boys were small and the house was filled with shrill screams at an unwrapped so-wanted
toy. Hopefully one day grandkids will change the now quiet times. But, as you said, this does cause our hearts to be more able to reflect on Jesus, His birth, and His soon return. No matter what stage of life, I still just love this season!

Felisol said...

For every season there is a time.

Christmas has changed all the time in my life too.
We must learn to adapt to the proses of life. That's not easy, I think our more or less chosen changes become more visible at Christmas time.
When I was young, I longed back to my childhood and the sky high, innocent joys. I so missed my grandparents as they went home to heaven one by one. Later on I knew the husband I'd chose would have to fit in with my small, but closely knit family and our way of celebrating Christmas. Then there were the years with baby Serina, joy over joy. Now, Serina coming home for Christmas missing her granddad.
This year; watching my mother deteriorate with no hope of recovery.
Nevertheless; we shall and will celebrate, sing and read the Christmas Gospel as always before.
The only stable and necessary factor in an ever changing life.

Amrita said...

I miss the Chistmas of the past yers so intensely. We were all together 10 or fifteen family memebers - so much to do, such excitement.

Now its Mama and me. Mama suggested I arrange a tea party of a group of people but I cannot manage a large number of people. Maybe when my sister visits. But we have visitors to entertain

Cathy said...

So very sweet ~ I miss those big celebrations too, Saija. But our Jesus is the best gift of all.

the⋆silver⋆of⋆His⋆fining said...

Wonderful thoughts, Saija. Thanks.

Maggie Ann said...

I love what you said...'the spirit born within me, hums and thinks on these things'. Ever think of pubishing this in a devotional book? I'd buy one....=)