Friday, October 31, 2014

Whose is the battle? The Lord's!!!!

as I was praying this morning, then reading the Word ... this verse caught my heart - we DO pray and we DO believe - but what a RELIEF (to me anyways!!!) to know that the battle is ultimately our Heavenly Fathers ... and we know that HE has the might and power to DO all things ... so we pray in confidence, knowing that the BATTLE truly is the LORD's!


Maggie Ann said...

That is so wonderful to have the promises of God written down for us...through generaions. And it brings us so close to God. And gives us so much to look forward to! We are blessed to be His. =)

It is overcast here today. R just took some things to the attic that I had on the front porch for summer decorating. We keep getting rid of things but they surely must grow more when we aren't looking. haha says this guilty girl. Hope your day is lazy and nice..k

Felisol said...

Indeed,what you're writing is so true, but aldo do diffivult.
I can easily pray and believ on behalf of others, but when it comes to myself, I am often tempted to give in.
Job says, "also when you do not see him, he sees your case and you must wait for him."
He has won the battle once and for all.