Monday, August 22, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

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a fresh photo ... taken this afternoon ... of my mom and me ...

AND would you believe that TODAY my mother turned 70???? i know that i am biased, but i think she looks wonderful ...

age really is just a number ... some folks are ancient at 30, while others are still growing and learning well into their 70’s and 80’s ... my mother is a perfect example ... up until 6 years ago, she knew nothing about computers ... now she is on her 3rd computer, has a digi camera and e-mails her articles to the Finnish newspaper she writes for ... all of us kids are impressed!

it was nice to spend some time with mom as she enters another decade ... since we live well over 2 hours from each other, time is a precious commodity ... i am so glad that she has e-mail ... that helps keep us connected ...

if the Lord allows me to reach 70, i sure hope that i have some of that zip and zest for living that bubbles over in mom’s heart ... what an example of vibrant living she is!

Happy Birthday Aiti ... may the Lord continue to bless you!

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