Sunday, March 25, 2007

patio furniture

last week i went ALL out and bought patio furniture - pictured above ... it cost me $2.50 ... *grin* ...

there is room for a wooden bench or 2 chairs on our front deck ... but for now - these cushioned little seats will do!

If you want to be happy, be. ~Leo Tolstoy


LorriM said...

How cute, they look adorable there, awaiting two backsides. LOL

I found your site through ceeque/Charles.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I would think that Leo would have problems with your new

Terry said...

Hey Saija...I was telling everybody that Jel was in Southern Ontario spreading her sunshine but she has disappeared and left us with nothing but clouds aand rain.
The mystery has been solved..
Apparently she has slipped over the border and gone to Manitoba with her bag of sunbeams..NOT fair!!!
Besides if she had only told me she was heading your way, I would of smuggled myself into her big bag of sun and went with her.
She must surely know by now that Manitba is my own beloved province!!
Love Terry

NICE furniture!!
Come on summer!!
We are ALL waiting for you!

Saija said...

lorrim ... i popped by your blog and you have WONDERFUL pictures ... wow, what a great area you live in! :o)

sandy ... well, maybe? *grin* ... tho' he can always hang onto the railing and sit himself down ... we can watch the ice melt off the river? exciting, eh? *laughing*

terry ... you certainly are a manitoba girl! *grin* ... i had so much fun today, walking around our little town - talking to folks i don't know - breathing in some clean air ... i think we must have gotten over 15C today - you can hear everything melting ... it is wonderful!

Lorrim said...

Thank you for the visit, Saija.

We are really having a false spring, it snowed two weeks ago, and prior to that we had weather in the 70s (odd for winter weather), then snow, then warm weather and now, all the blossoms are beginning to show. I hope they don't die off, too early. It has been a bizarre winter.

Elizabeth said...

Cute...everyone has to start somewhere...looks like you will have a very nice deck to enjoy in the months ahead!!

Maggie Ann said...

Would you believe, I took a second good long look at the pic ...looking for the furniture? Your hubby must be happy his sweetheart is so thrifty...I hope my hubby doesn't see this...grin. I'm hoping for an umbrella table! (at least)

PEA said...

Hi Saija:-) Thank you so much for coming to my blog and leaving a comment..I love "meeting" new people!! I just love your new patio furniture! LOL Actually, I have a patio set on my deck but most often times you'll find me sitting on the steps! lol I see from your previous post that you still have a lot of snow left...which part of Canada are you in? We had a snowfall yesterday but it's all melted again. Please come to visit me again:-) xox

eija said...

Haha, you have such a fun sense of humor!

Hoping your snow goes away soon, too. Here it feels like May already! It's wonderful... Just that often after early warms the May then becomes freezing :P And we do NOT want that to happen!

Enjoy your new furniture! :D

S.Hunt said...


Good Morning! Like always, I have enjoyed reading your posts. I love you patio furniture. Looks like it will hold up in any kind of weather. LOL... I love it!

Have a great day!

Saija said...

lorrim ... our winter has been so very cold! and seemingly long, so your lovely pics brightened my day!

elizabeth ... the deck seems to be just the right size! at our cottage we had a HUGE deck, but we only used a small portion of it - so it was wasted ... i like the manageable stuff ...:o)

maggie ann ... leo laughed when i brought these home ... and i even used the seat yesterday, as i sat in the sun for awhile! awww, i love springtime!

pea ... your easter wreath was the most imaginative i've seen! i passed it along to some of my family members ... :o) ... we have been in sudbury several times, so your blog felt like visiting a neighbour ... we live in manitoba - cottage country ... winters are cold and summers are hot!

eija ... the snow really melted yesterday! i even used my new patio furniture yesterday! it kept me from getting slivers ... :o)

s.hunt ... and the furniture travels well too! *grin*

Debra said...

What a cute idea! Love the color, too... Thanks for sharing and for your comments at my blog! Blessings, Debra

Saija said...

debra ... i love the colour too ... i'm glad i used them yesterday - today was rainy & colder ... we just have to grab the moment when it presents itself!

Jammie J. said...

They DO match, which is oftentimes not something people can say...


Saija said...

j ... another good point from jammie j! so right! :o)