Wednesday, March 21, 2007


we've opened the door to spring ... and new promise!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Saija...are you really having Spring there yet? We really are!! Here in Savannah, Ga it is really beautiful..the Azaleas are blooming and of course that makes the allergies going full swing!! The sun is shining and I am happy to be back home. We just got home yesterday after traveling 4700 miles! We were in 14 states!! Hubby is back to work and I miss him. take care. Sandy

Terry said...

Dear Saija...I saw on the news last night that the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Vancouver,
They looked so pretty!
But we are not having anywhere near that weather yet.
It is suppose to warm up this week.
I remember that when we lived in Manitoba that as soon as the snow had melted, we usually had instant spring and no more returning of snow.
Only thing is though, I guess that it takes so long before the snow DOES melt eh, Saija?!!....Love Terry

I am so glad that Flip Flop is safe and sound back home!!
That was a lot of travelling that she and her husband did! Almost like a second honey moon, eh?

Saija said...

Sandy ... wow, you guys sure had a BIG trip! so glad you are home, safe & sound! :o)

terry ... they are saying that we'll have temps of 10C or higher this weekend! do you think the pussy willows will atleast take notice? hope hope!

Bill Scott, Sr. said...

I LOVE spring, but I will miss I love the cold weather.

Saija said...

bill ... get out! really? *laughing* ... i am so looking forward to mud puddles, dirty streets and then green grass!

Terry said...

Saija...If that Bill Scott goes poking around here again trying to encourage the cold weather to stay, send him right back to the States!!
Did you know that it his birthday today?
If I were you though, I wouldn't even wish him a happy one after that crack about liking the cold weather and laughing about it!!

Of course being NOT you, you in all your sweetness SHOULD wish him a happy one, I guess....Love Terry

Oh to be 33 again, eh Saija?

Maggie Ann said...

Spring is in the air here too...well at least at the present! We had rain today, but the shopping trip was great...just sweaters, no coats. Have to go to a specialist for my tooth..they may cut...gulp...the root and clean it out. How unlovely a thought but it would be nice to save the tooth. Be strong my soul....=)

Jammie J. said...

Hmm, really? :) Do you have green sprigs yet? :)

Blogabilities, huh? That sounds familiar...

Saija said...

terry ... i wouldn't mind looking like 33 ... *grin* ... but i think i'll keep my 53 years of experience!!! i know you must think the same way! ... it looks like a day of muddle puddles over here ... and i DO thank the Lord for mud puddles!!! yayayayayayay!

maggie ann ... ohh, after all my dental stuff from last summer, i so very much KNOW what you are talking about ... remember my posts from june/july? but it turned out well and didn't hurt - so i pray that your experience will be the same as mine!!

j ... no green sprigs yet - leo said that my post didn't look like our area at all! but i told him that was what my heart saw! *grin* ... and, did i steal blogabilities from you? or did we all use it years ago already? you must excuse my advanced age for claiming all new words and ideas are mine ... *laughing* ... blessings on you, my california bud!

Jammie J. said...

Hehe... yes, blogabilities is a folder in my computer where I keep pictures that I think someday I'll write about... from 12/28/04 remember?


Saija said...

j ... well it must have been your file then! good word ... :o)