Tuesday, May 15, 2007

it's greening up!

(click on pic to enlarge)

i went for a bike ride today ... look at how my little town is starting to green up ... doesn't it just make a heart glad? *smile* ... at the town docks, i chatted up an old gentleman fishing ... he was enjoying the day ... and why not ... God's blessings are all around for us to see ... He gives us all good things to freely enjoy!


Corry said...

It's gorgeous. I love spring as much as I love fall with all it's beautiful colors. God's gift of nature and all it's blessings in it, always continue to amaze me.:-)

God's Grace.

Pat said...

What beautiful pictures. Your corner of the world is so lovely!

Saija said...

corry ... God is so faithful with the seasons, isn't He? i am thrilled with the greenery and the promise of blooms! :o)

pat ... it is indeed ... i truly love my corner of the world! and congrats on your big decision! wa-hoo ... we could have tea and talk shop if you were a wee bit closer!

Terry said...

Nothin' prettier than a Manitoba town Saija!
O the glory of it all taking a bike ride in it!!
In the Spingtime!...Love Terry

Sista Cala said...

I love the time of year when everything is green or blooming. Thanks for sharing the view.

Saija said...

terry ... well you gotta go out there and peddle before the mosquitoes arrive! :o) ... that is manitoba too!

sista cala ... dontcha love it?!!! the winter is so start, the bright colours just say YA-HOO!

Terry said...

Mosquitoes AND ticks if I remember correctly Saija!..

Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful town you have...=)

Saija said...

terry ... nothing wrong with your memory! i had TWO ticks on my last week - from work ... the guys go in the bush and bring them into the office!!! sheesh!

maggie ann ... i love our little town ... and i'm looking forward to the rest of the summer when i won't be so tired after work - that i'll be able to just go for my walks whenever ... :o) ....

Terry said...

Ah!! Dear Saija...just tell me something I can't remember about my beloved Manitoba!
Is it almost Saskatoon berries season?
We used to all go out as a family with my dad at the head of the pack and pick them and also choke cherries, and Mom would make jam and pies out of them.
Oh those certainly were the good old days.
When mom made bread to go with the jam, why those kneeded loaves would raise twice the size as they do in Ontario!!..
I just wonder why?

Thank you for all the prairie memories you give to me Saijs.
I just love you to pieces for THAT!!...Love Terry

Saija said...

terry ... *smiling* ... i'm so glad that my little chatter can brighten your day with memories! you are easy to please!