Sunday, January 27, 2008

nice enough for a walk ...

it was a balmy -1C today ... or 34F ... really great weather for a walk ... i even took my camera, hoping that the batteries would work in this "warm" weather! and they did ... so come along and see where i trekked too ...

i stitched 2 pics together in this "blue sky -white field", photo ... notice the tracks? they are ones made by snowmobilers ... who are out in full force - enjoying this break from the extreme cold!

and check out this little plane with it's skiis! it was parked at the town docks ... i don't know where the pilot went to ... maybe for lunch at one of the river side restaurants?

the fishermen were out in full force too ... there are quite a few ice shacks on the river ... they have little stoves in them ... and holes in the floors to access the ice ... they park the shacks out on the ice until March ... all they need to do is re-drill the holes in the ice (it freezes back up quite quickly!) and enjoy fishing in any type of weather!

except for the brisk wind, it was a lovely little walk ... these are the days one has to take advantage of ...

I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see. ~John Burroughs


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Neat day for you!! I am off to Illinois in the morning very early. My mother had to take my dad to the hospital today. If you would remember to pray for them.Dale and Jeri..Thanks so much.


Mari said...

Those are great pictures - what a beautiful sky. It is even warmer there than by me. We were at about 32 degrees today but it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow with rain. Glad you had a nice day.

Mimi said...

what beautiful pictures.. you have such a lovely place to walk... however if the ice is thick enough to stay frozen all winter... I'm thinking it is too cold for me!!!
you walk in it... and just send me the pictures!!!

Pat said...

Isn't it amazing how warm 32 degrees can feel after a spell of REALLY cold weather? The pictures are beautiful - thanks for taking us along on your walk!

Cathy said...

That sky is so beautiful in the first picture! I'm glad it warmed(?) up enough for you to go for a walk. Pretty pictures, as usual ~

Amrita said...

Good piece of work. My its cold out there. My sis an dfamily live in NB and they too are snowed in

Vicki said...

Just stopping by today to let you know you were on my heart. Hope you are doing well...keep warm. I find my bones hurt during all this cold weather!

love & hugs,

Daughter of the King said...

great pictures...I remember ice fishing from my days in Michigan...

Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful post! I've enjoyed seeing your part of the world time after time. The little plane with the skies is really unique! Did you ever watch the 'Avonlea' series ..a follow up of Anne of Green Gables? They have one episode where Jasper Dale goes ice fishing with his law...I love those videos. We are having a warm-up in weather for a few days too. It is great except I just got over a nasty head-cold, had a 'normal' week and am coming down with a virus that my better half has. Some times a girl just can't win...for

Anonymous said...

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Maggie Ann said...

Just came by to visit! Hope all is well. The sun is shining so brightly here today. I am feeling much better than yesterday. Another day of being a couch potato..and I should be back to normal. blessings to you...

~Robin said...

your flag picture looks as though it was sufficiently windy on your walk!

Mrs. Mac said...

Brrr ... about the same here ... but colder. We're expecting more snow tonight ... stay warm

Saija said...

Sandy ... praying ...

mari ... back to the deep freeze we went ... would you believe the overnigh temps, with windchill, were -47C!!!

mimi ... it is lovely, yet so bitterly cold at times! and the ice is so deep that the cars drive on it as well!

pat ... we are all dressed up like mummies here!!! only eyes peeping out, cause it's so cold!

cathy ... i loved the blue of the sky too!

amrita ... i hear the maritimes really got tons of snow!

vicki ... yes, leo can forecast weather too - with his aches & pains!

Deby ... they have some fancy ice shacks - we had one too, years back - but just the basic stove, wooden seats and 3 holes ... !

maggie ann ... glad you are feeling better!!! colds are no fun ... :o( ... blessings on ya!

anon ... thank you for that ...

mrs.mac ... i'll try - you too!

Pilot Mom said...

Great pics! I'm glad you went for a walk. I was getting a tad bit concerned with the ratio of "goodies" being consumed and exercising. *wink* :)