Tuesday, September 30, 2008

today ... faith enough for today ...

i thought this was such a timely and spot-on reading from Springs in the Valley ... so i'm sharing with you guys ...

September 30

"Why art thou cast down, O my soul?" (Psalm 43:5)

The other evening I found myself staggering alone under a load that was heavy enough to crush half a dozen strong men. Out of sheer exhaustion I put it down and had a good look at it. I found that it was all borrowed: part of it belonged to the following day; part of it belonged to the following week - and here was I borrowing it that it might crush me now! It is a very stupid, but a very ancient blunder.
- F.W. Boreham.

You and I are to take our trials, our black Fridays, our lone and long nights, and we are to come to Him and say, "Manage these, Thou Wondrous Friend, Who canst turn the very night into the morning; manage these for me!"

Sparrow, He guardeth thee;
Never a flight but thy wings He
Never a night but thy nest He
Safely He guardeth thee.

Lily, He robeth thee;
Though thou must fade, by the Summer
Thou art arrayed fair as monarch
Spotless He robeth thee.

Hear, thou of little faith;
Sparrow and lily are soulless and dying;
Deathless art thou; will He slight
thy faint crying?
Trust, thou of little faith!
- R.G.W.


Mari said...

Saija - I think you put this up for Nancy and I. Thinks continue to be very disheartening for us at work. These quotes are great. Thanks.

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
you are walking in front, holding up the cross for me to see.
I am for sure being blessed and fed by him who gives us enough for just this day.
Thank you, dear.
From Felisol

Fred said...

This was great, thanks. I always leave your blog feeling good.

Sita said...

A very precious and timeless word...thank you, Saija...do hope all is well..
Love, Sita

Nancy said...

You are a blessing to my heart. This post came at just the right second for me. we are continuing to struggle at the work place and this just lifted my spirits.
Thank you sweet one

Glenda, saved by grace said...

this is just what I needed today.Can I borrow some of it for my blog?
Black box brought me here!