Thursday, June 18, 2009

thoughts for the journey ...

taken from Max Lucado's book "In the Eye of the Storm" ...

Love God more than you fear hell.
Once a week, let a child take you on a walk.
Make major decisions in a cemetery.
When no one is watching, live as if someone is.
Succeed at home first.
Don't spend tomorrow's money today.
Pray twice as much as you fret.
Listen twice as much as you speak.
Only harbor a grudge when God does.
Never outgrow your love of sunsets.
Treat people like angels; you will meet some and help make some.
"Tis wiser to err on the side of generosity than on the side of scrutiny.
God has forgiven you; you'd be wise to do the same.
When you can't trace God's hand, trust His heart.
Toot your own horn and the notes will be flat.
Don't feel guilty for God's goodness.
The book of life is lived in chapters, so know your page number.
Never let the important be the victim of the trivial.
Live your liturgy.

* * * * * *

blessings on you, blog buds! i know you all are busy this month of june ... i have been away from the computer as well ... our morning reading is this max lucado book - thought i would share these thoughts with you as well!!! remember - the JOY of the LORD is our STRENGTH!!!


Susan said...

Such wonderful thoughts and advice from Max Lucado, as always. HE is coming soon.....and we are looking and waiting and excited!!!!

Jammie J. said...

Hi dearie, just hoping you're doing well and are happy. Seems you're writing less about you and more just about "cover" things these days.

You know I love you two... we've been blog buds for a long, long time now.


Sita said...

..."When you can't trace God's hand, trust His heart..."
doing just that right now, sister..
hope you are well...gorgeous day yesterday, today back with the spring coat!...ah well..

Mari said...

I love his writing. Our small group is starting a Bible study by him next week.

Fred said...

Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. Great writing.

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
It's a good thing that you are enjoying the light and the summer.
Be blessed!
From Felisol

Debra said...

Max is one of my favorite authors! I love the one about making major decisions in the cemetery!

Amrita said...

Hi Saija, How are you doing?

Thank you for the Lucado quote

Nancy said...

Max is so good to read love the post today!!

Crown of Beauty said...

Please come and visit my June 21 post. I have given you a blog award!

Maggie Ann said...

'the Joy of the Lord is our Strength!...' what a wonderful well to drink from. I love the truth of it! How have you been? Its heavy with pollen yet here...and I stay in mostly. I got caught up on the ironing Saturday...and am pretty much ready for Vacation Bible Sch. this week coming up. Just thought I'd hurry by before calling it a day. 'hugs' from Maggie Ann

Mimi said...

great post and a wonderful reminder to us all!!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hey there lady!! Thanks for dropping me an email..loved it..Take care...