Sunday, July 19, 2009

summer is quickly going by

summer is going by quickly in my little corner of the world ... so fast that i've barely had time to take pictures of our beautiful manitoba fields ... full of varied colour and displaying the faithfulness of God! we also have "big sky country" in our world ... for cloud watchers, it is paradise!
the other day i noticed that we have a new condo going up - in the bushes right outside our front door! i don't know if it will ever be inhabited ... it may be just an extra nest for the forward thinking bird that constructed it ... it is amazing how perfectly shaped and well made it is ... another display of God in nature ... where else would these little creatures have learned how to make these nests exactly the size and shape needed ... not to mention what type of material to construct it with!

my peonies are almost finished blooming for the season ... we had a major storm blow through last week and it soaked the flowers and dropped them to the ground, where they started to rot ... i cut off 2 bag fulls of blooms ... but they were spectacular while they lasted ... a reminder for me to enjoy the moment ... that is all that we are guaranteed ...

visitors have also been plentiful these past weeks ... an aunt from finland was here ... it was great to see her ... then my teenage niece and nephew came for a quick little visit a few days ago ... they were vacationing at their grandma's place (my mom) and she took a road trip this way ... leo hadn't seen the kids in years ... he was surprised at how tall they had gotten, and mature for their years ... of course i had to take them for a walk to the beach, while leo and my mom chatted at home (leo hasn't been able to go for a walk since the doctor's visit - the weather and extra pain have kept him indoors - but there is always hope for another day!)

here is a picture of me and my very spry, active mom (she is 74) ... her energy always amazes me and totally leaves me in her wake! i pray the Lord gives her many more active years ...

just sending out blessings to my blog buds - both old friends, new friends and those who just happened by ... life is made sweeter by you ... !


Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
Your Manitoba is a special place on earth.
I love the high sky and the vast fields.
Semi-like my mother's Jaeren, only there is not coast line.
Your peonies are just a blossom wonder of beauty.
I hope some day mine will bloom with a similar abundance.

Your mother loos so fresh and vital, the famous Finnish sisu.
Nice to see the pair of you.
Send her my love. I'm thinking a lot about "The Fatherless". The book has broadened my understanding for my mother and her siblings.
We just talked about it the other week.
Even now my uncles are not too willing to talk about the hardships in their childhood.
But the all sing their mother's praise unanimously.

Hope for a new recovery for Leo.
What has happened once, might also come back.
I hope and pray.
From Felisol

jel said...

hey there blog buddie!
nice pictures,

ya got a purty mom !

hello to Leo


Mari said...

I enjoyed your pictures - especially the one of the nest! You look a lot like your mom!

Cathy said...

I loved your pretty pictures. The flowers are lovely, and the picture of you and your young looking Mother is cute. I hope Summer will linger there for awhile longer! I hope Leo feels better soon.

Amrita said...

Lots of pictures and news.

Love all of them.

Your Mom so young, lovely smiles.

I hope Leo is feeling better and the little condo is sweet little inhabiitants.

Oh summer keeping on and on for my friends in Manitoba

Catherine said...

Oh, my gosh! You and your mom look so much alike! What a great photo. Love the little bird's nest and your flowers, as well.

Here's hoping that Leo will be up for some more walks soon!

Crown of Beauty said...

lovely summer pictures! Those peonies are really something, and the nest, how perfectly made it is. God does take care of the birds of the air... a good reminder for all of us to keep putting our faith in Him.

Beautiful picture of you and your mom, too!

Hope things will be better for Leo.

Terry is in Manitoba. I wonder if she will have the chance to see you?


Mimi said...

beautiful area for walks...thanks for the pictures...and i especially like the one of you and your are right she looks very young for 74...hope Leo is able to get out for walks soon...

Pat said...

As usual, a lovely post. Your mother has the sweetest face, just like her daughter...both beauties!
Lessons from God in the birds nest -he cares for them, how much more does he care for us, His word tell us this, it's up to us to remember itf! And the beauty of the Peonies, like you said, we aren't promised tomorrow..enjoy the beauty (and blessings!) today.
Leo will have good days again..I trust in my Savior who only wants the best for His children, and he keeps reminding us...don't try to run ahead of me, I have great plans for you!!

grammy said...

Hope Leo feels better soon. Have fun watching the nest. Just wanted to say hi, and blessings to you.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your visit, my dear...I too feel like Summer is just galloping by...Here is is July 20th...almost July 21st...How did that happen?
Lovely pictures of your Peonies...Such a pretty pink, they are....
How great your Mom is in such good shape....And may she remain so for many many years!

Jammie J. said...

As always, I love your pictures. You do have an eye for beauty. It seems as if you are enjoying the moment, but keep getting reminded to enjoy the moment even more!


Nancy said...

Such wonderful sights you have around you, I think the nest is my favorite too!!! You and your Mom like so much alike she has such a sweet smile.

Maggie Ann said...

Oh I love that picture of you and your Mom! You look a lot alike...thats a compliment you know! I love it too that she's active...the older I get them more I realize what a precious gift health and energy and good mental health are also. I miss my Mom....but I'll see her again I trust. We had a wonderful visit here with our girl and her boys. Her hubby bought a four-wheeler while she was here...with a back seat on it...I can only imagine how excited our 5 year old was when he got home and saw that! I am such a cloud and sky watcher! Such infinite beauty...our God is magnificent in every way!!!!! I hope your Leo has better days soon. My hubby is having a lot of pain these makes me sad. *hugs* from Maggie Ann =) I enjoyed your post, every bit of it.

Nellie said...

That is indeed a wonderful picture of you and your mom. My mom is 83 and currently in a rehab hospital in Toronto. She had a heart attack on June 15, and on July 2 had triple heart bypass surgery. I spoke to her tonight and she is very excited to report that hopefully next Tuesday she can go home. Praise God! Her one artery was 90% blocked, and another was 60% blocked. This happening to my mom has made me more aware of watching my own cholesterol, as it is slighly elevated.
I know I rarely comment on your blog but I always read it,and am always so inspired by the spiritual focus of it.
I was so surprised to read that Leo recenly walked with you to his doctor's appointment. Wow! I hope he soon feels better. I do hope he had an enjoyable birthday yesterday. Hopefully your new cat continues to be a good fit for your household. I know Leo particularly is a "cat person" and I am sure that is special joy for him.
Blessings to you and Leo both. You continue in my prayers, as does your sister Maria.

Saija said...

thank you for stopping by guys ... you ALWAYS cheer my heart!!!!

and Nellie, if you put your e-mail down in your next comment (in the box where it asks for it - not in the message) - it'll be e-mailed to my inbox, yet still remain anon (and the same for you Lidj) ... then i can send a personnel note to you ...