Tuesday, March 01, 2005

guilty pleasures

i have a confession to make ... but i wonder if you will still respect me once i blurt it out ... sigh ... i hope so ...

i love
Amazing Race ... (and Survivor) .... *blush* ... i don't know why - maybe it's the aspect of watching people relate to one another under adverse conditions ... wondering how i would do in the same situation ...

these two shows are ideal for people watchers ... full of relationships and strife and trying to get along ...

tonight is the opening night for
Amazing Race 7 ... Leo watched the first 2 with me, but he has copped out since ... i tease him that atleast they are going different places, unlike NASCAR that goes round and round the same track, and football that goes back and forth on the same field ... good point, right?

so my guilty pleasure starts tonight ... and i am looking forward to travelling around the world once again, without leaving my own living room!

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