Friday, March 25, 2005

Happy Easter

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Happy Easter!!!

i hope that you are having a wonderful Easter ... thankful that Jesus paid the ultimate price for our very souls ... how cool is that! *smile*

our Good Friday has been quiet ... we watched the
Gospel of John movie, which stayed true to scripture ... tho’ we should have watched it in 2 sittings because a solid 3 hours was lots to digest ... not too many "fast forward" parts in it either ... i would recommend it, even as a possible teaching tool ...

the movie got me to thinking about my role as a woman of faith ... even tho’ Jesus’ 12 disciples were men, He did number women in His close circle of friends ... what particularly struck me (and why i posted the above picture) is the fact that it was a woman who first heralded the good news of a Risen Christ ... a woman who first saw Christ ... after centuries of being in the role of a lesser being - it was a woman who first glimpsed His resurrected Glory! ... maybe it was the forgiveness our gender was seeking for Eve’s seduction back in the Garden ... do you think?

i won’t be blogging again until Monday ... we are getting company tomorrow and i am running a bit behind with the domestic stuff ... hope that the Sonshine finds you ... where ever you may be ... blessings!

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