Monday, September 19, 2005

The weight of your words

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leo and i read books together ... i actually read them out loud during our morning devotions ... we don't do this in the summer because of the time factor, so it was great to get back to this routine again ... i do the choosing of literature - but leo gets to say whether it is of interest to him or not ...

our first book of the season, The Weight of Your Words, by Joseph M . Stowell has been excellent so far ... i must confess, i really did want this book for leo, since this is an area that we argue about ... well argue might not be the right word ... it usually goes like this - leo says something negative or critiques someone ... then i immediately critique leo!!! my bone of contention with my husband, and i'm sure his with me ...

so far, i am getting a lot out of it ... leo says he is enjoying it too ... let's hope it helps both of us be more gracious in our speech ... i shall leave you with a story from The Weight of Your Words ...

Rumors, whether true or false, are devastating for many reasons - one being that they are irretrievable. I recall the story of a young man during the Middle Ages who went to a monk and said, "I've sinned by telling slanderous tales about someone, What should I do?"

The monk replied, "Put a feather on every doorstep in town."

The young man did just that. He then returned to the monk, wondering if there was anything else he should do.

"Go back and pick up all those feathers," the monk told him.

The young man replied excitedly, "That's impossible! By now the wind will have blown them all over town!"

Said the monk, "So have your slanderous words become impossible to retrieve."

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Penless Thoughts said...

Great post and such a TRUE message. I read to my Mickey every day, too. We have found this to be a wonderful avenue of growth as we discuss what we are reading. Currently we are reading Anne Graham Lotz's My Hearts Cry. She has a beautiful style of writing.

I would like to know what is the favorite book you have read to date?