Tuesday, September 13, 2005

being refreshed

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this was the view i had from an outdoor cafe at The Forks, in Winnipeg ... it was a balmy 30C (86F) on Sunday ... my cousins and i sat and visited the afternoon away ... we watched the traffic on the water, the people strolling by ... and listened to Jamaican type music being played in the background ... what a restful afternoon! the next day was just as stressful (tongue in cheek) as i visited some more and did some shopping before returning home ...

i had my list of "to do's" all written up before my little 2 day trip ... most of it did get done, but with no anxieties involved ... i love it when i actually go with the flow and allow myself to enjoy life, instead of mounting obstacles and barriers to every event ... you may not believe me, but honestly - i do get like that at times!

today i even feel refreshed after being in the city ... which is amazing!

afterall, it's all about the one thing we can control ... our attitude ...

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