Monday, July 16, 2007

psalm 103 ...

i received this picture in an e-mail from my sister this morning ...

i saw it and thought "WOW"!

she captured such a simple truth in this haunting photo ... you see the wild california poppies blooming ... and the graves of those long gone, stand silently in the background ... making the brevity of life so apparent ...

our devotions for today included psalm 103 ... and the words echoed the sentiments of this photo ... my sister graciously let me use it, to share with you ...

let today count for Jesus, because today is all we have ...

Psalm 103: 14-17

14 For He knoweth our frame; He remembereth that we are dust.

15 As for man, his days are as grass; as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.

16 For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more.

17 But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear Him, and His righteousness unto children's children,

to read the whole psalm, click HERE


Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
you take such wonderful pics.
I love flowers wild and cultivated, so does my mother and did my long time dead grandmother.
She had a saying, "there are no such things as ugly flowers" and the other "I must grow flowers, flowers are life."
We have got the orange lilies with brown dots, grandma called them Kaiser Crowns, but that might not be right.
Your Californian poppies also grow in my garden by the nname of Siberian Poppies. Strange.
Yet I have no camera nor skills to make flower wonders like yours. Maybe daughter Serina next year can help me out.

I've been giving you and your husband lot of thoughts. I know how it feels like not being able to entertain unexpected guests. Being sore and misunderstood because people feel rejected.
Only by us its me who is the person lying in bed when people calls or knock at our door.
My real friends have long time understood and respected me, but "newcomers" are often bewildered. I am lucy to have a protecting husband and daughter. They are telling when, if they see I've had enough. And they're doing it nicely, so that noone has to get offended ...if they have the slightest empathic sense.

I should have written about Zacharias Toplius as well. He's written some beautiful summer poems. In minor though, as is the Finlanders' spirit.

My father used to say that no people in Europe has been so shamelessly treated and bertrayed as the Finish people. They have very good reasons for their -at times- black mood.

Then next to the Italians there's no nations so artistic, creaative, innovative as the inhabitants of Finland.

You have every reason to be proud.

Saija said...

felisol ... what a sweet thing to say about the quiet, yet brooding finns ... i feel that in my blood, though outwardly it doesn't show ... that is - unless you know me very very well ... and re chronic pain, it is such a cruel taskmaster, parading as a friend ... today as i cleaned house, shopped, went for a bike ride - leo was dozing through most of it ... maybe the meds took over? maybe the pain? the sleep gives him relief ... do you feel that too? ... i'm so glad that in heaven, there will be no more of these earthly chains - we will be free at last ... blessings to you!

eija said...

Once again trying to make a round through the blogworld... The time just seems to be disappearing somewhere!

Good to see your things are good - considering - and you get to enjoy the lilies :)

jel said...

that is so cool,

hello to Leo!

Felisol said...

Dear Sajia,
I don't have cronic pains like Leo, I have some pain due to osteoporosis, and have to sleep a lot due to ME, but you know its nothing compared to Leo and his pains.
He is happy to have such an understanding wife, and on the picture where you two are standing smiling, washing up together, he looks to be a happy man as well.
He must be lucky, he has you by his side....there's no words expressing how much that means.
Cronc paines do awfull things to a person. One cannot smile and put on a happy face when pains are toring the body apart.
My mother used to say, "Its a good thing that both your dad and I are ill, we can support and understand each other."
Leo is lucky anyhow, 'cause he too has a wife who cares and loves.
I am likewise blessed.

Terry said...

Dear Saija..
It is a little early here but I have been a little behind in saying hi to a few blogging buddies, you being one of them so I thought I would hop up and do so!
For shame the last time I was here was on early Sunday morning to swipe that gorgeous Manitoba field and sky picture from you for Miss Patty's birhday.

I just had to comment on these delicate yellow flowers,
I thought that when I firsr looked at them, they were giant butter cups.
They are so pretty!
The scripture verses are so serious, and so true!
It seems that when we look back on our little history and count the years, that we just can't understand where has all the time gone?!

Take care now and I will be talking to you again.
Give poor paining Leo a hug Saija..Love Terry

Saija said...

eija ... i think everyone is on holidays and in the same boat!! but that's a good thing, right? :o)

jel ... i ran out to take some sunrise pictures at the beach this a.m. ... i haven't looked at them yet ... i hope atleast one turns into a "wow" pic ... God's sunrise sure "WOW'd" me!

felisol ... many times i have wished for a stronger wife for leo - more practical and more helpful!!! but i'm the wife God gave him, and he doesn't complain so much about that fact ... :o) ...((hugs)) to you!

terry ... you know, i didn't even recognize the pic you borrowed! i am just a "snap happy" girl sometimes! and it's summer, hard to sit at the computer while the precious few days of this season are beckoning outside! blessings on ya!

jel said...

you live by the beach?

does the beach have sand on it ?

I have been dreaming about walking barefoot on a sandy beach :)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

The flowers and the psalm go just hand in hand don't they? What a great post for today!! OR for any day for that matter!! I am always glad when I stop by here!! Have a great day. SAndy

Mari said...

The picture and the verses really go together. I like the beauty of the picture, in spite of the tombstone. Those stones are so often shown as a horror item, but for those of us who know the Lord, they symbolize something really beautiful!

Penless Thoughts said...

Fantastic photo and perfectly fitted scripture.

Pat said...

The photo and scripture were meant to print together. Lately, maybe bacause of my age, those scriptures really ring true and relevant to me. When we're young we feel like tomorrow will never come - but no one knows when their last tomorrow will be. Cherish the day - it is precious.

Saija said...

jel ... i live 30 seconds from a beach, with sand ... :o)

Sandy ... i'm glad you found something to take a long with you ... :o) ... i'm using this photo on my desktop right now! i think it is soooo cool ...

mari ... for me, a tombstone represents the period in a sentence ... all done! for a Christian that is nothing but sweet release! blessings on ya ...

Susan ... i thought so too! blessed my heart!

pat ... amen to that ... and i agree, life has a different texture after 50!

Janet Rubin said...

beautiful pic and Psalm. thank God for those everlasting mercies!

Anonymous said...

In the scope of it all, we are very insignificant. People need to realize that life is not a right, but a privilege


I agree with you about the picture and the graves in the background. It spoke volumns to me. We have such a short time to make a difference in this life. Have a good tomorrow. connie from Texas

Jammie J. said...

Tis a lovely picture and lovely thoughts. :)

hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh, 30 seconds from a beach with sand! I am aching to go swimming...we swim at the campground when we go camping in the fall; not every year, but most, my dad takes us. The first few times we packed extra clothes jt for swimming in and got him to bike down to the beach. Then before he could say a thing, my youngest brothers took off their shorts, revealing their swimming trunks they had underneath, and dove into the Ottawa River! Last time he knew we wanted to go, and though he's always concerned the water is too cold, he just suns on the empty beach while we swim, or at least try to.

Beautiful photo, and scripture.

Lil Pilgrim Pal

Saija said...

janet ... yes, thank God for His daily mercies!!!

ba doozie ... we do tend to take things for granted - until they are taken away from us ... i'm thankful that God is a patient God!

connie ... yes, and we don't need to fret over those little things - i try to weigh things with the scale of eternity - for importance!

jeanette ... t'is, t'isn't it! ((hugs)) & blessings!

heb 11:1 ... there are kids walking to the beach with their towels, very idyllic scene ... the water is very cold though - so i go in sparingly!