Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vance Havner quote

So, if i make my way through this wild, wan, weird world and don't get excited about the nuclear age and the space era, or if I seem bored - and I am - by things that thrill this world, it is for two reasons: the time is short and the fashion of this world is passing away. The time is short, my time and the age near their end. And the fashion, the scheme, of this world is passing away like a movie reel before my eyes. Every news report I watch means to me that the fasion of this age is passing away. The crowds on the streets hurrying from store to store, the traffic bumper to bumper, the United Nations, the politicians, wars and rumors of wars - the fashion of this world is passing away. I'm in it but not of it; I'm a pilgrim and stranger; I'm not a citizen of old Babylon. I'm looking for another City.

Vance Havner, A treasury of Vance Havner.


Sara said...

this is such a powerful post today. i often think of myself as "not anchored" to earth. this quote says it so much more eloquently. i'm so hungry for heaven that i'm almost bored by this life. this is not home! thank you saija. i'm having a hard day and this is just what i needed to meditate on as i go to sleep. grace to you and leo.

Mimi said...

This was a great quote Saija... we are not of this world... and the things of this world are not to be sought after...
thanks for the post... we are looking forward to heaven

Nancy said...

What a great reminder to hold loosely to the things that are worldly. We are only here on a temporary basis... blessings to you & Leo

Gavin said...

Hi Saija,

I have had to block off my blog as I think someone may be using my posts against me. I hope I can remove the block soon.

I hope you and Leo are both well.


Penless Thoughts said...

So true and we seem to constantly need that reminder.

Debra said...

Terrific quote! I often feel that way, too.... Blessings, Debra

Cathy said...

Amen! We are in this world, but not of it. :o) That really is a good reminder, considering the way things are today.

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
good post,- again.
When I think of fashion, I think of clothes, furniture, cars.
I do like nice stuff, but due to economics I have had to think the matter through from many angles, not only Biblican.
Did you notice that Mr. Gore in his crusade not mentioned with a word (to my knowledge) all recourses, money not to speak of co2 polluting used on making things we already have.
H&M get new stock in every month my daughter tells, with clothes prodused for American and European markets in the Far East.
I like to sniff around in Salvation Army's second hand stores, and guess what, much of the stuff they're selling aren't used at all. Still have factorylabels and pricetags on.
what a waste.
Serina also used to work in a finer grocery shop after school for some time.
At the end of the day they were allowed to take one 1 piece of unsold bakery and eat at the premesis.
The rest were thrown. And we have poor and needy people in our town too.
Cellphones made to last two years.
Cars, they're deliberately made not to last, at the cost of people's lives. Tyres, brakes, lights and on and on.
I makes me physically sick.
I will not contribute to this use and throw disrespectable attitude towards our earth and mankind.
Funny how the rich ones did not mention theese aspects.
They sure are aware of them.
My mother's friend said twenty five years ago."But Inga, you don't think that Christians use too much detergent?"
To her it was selfevident what choises to make.
Sweet and wise.

Saija said...

sara ... i hope your sleep was sweet ... and i'm glad your heart was blessed by dr. havner's words ...

mimi ... heaven, better by far!

nancy ... i need reminders, so i post these quotes that speak to my heart!

gavin ... i had indeed noticed that i couldn't get on your blog ... you could always have it password protected and allow only the people you want to read it ... i hope that all is well with you - that you are feeling BETTER! leo and i are doing better - tho' i am still concerned over leo sleeping so much ...

susan ... i know i need DAILY reminders!

debra ... vance havner was sure a straight shooter - i have enjoyed his writings ...

cathy ... yes ... tho' i'm glad my hope is in the LORD!

felisol ... there is so much waste ... i feel so guilty if i have to throw something out - knowing it could have been eaten/used by others ... :o( ... and re thrift stores - i think they are GREAT! blessings to you!

dear blog buds, as i wrote these comments to you - i had to fend off our new little kitty - who wanted to play with the wires of the computer - that is one of the reasons i haven't been on as much, because the kitty seems to want to play at just that time! also my LCD monitor is in being repaired and if have this itty bitty old one that my even older eyes find hard to read! blessings on ya!

Pat said...

Beautiful quote that echos my own heart. Like that old song says, "I'm kind of homesick..for that city which I've never seen before"...I'm getting more homesick all the time.

Jammie J. said...

gah! noooo, there's something wrong with your lcd monitor?? oh dear!

love the picture & quote. (hugs)

Maggie Ann said...

Thats very true isn't it. Road signs pointing to eternity ahead. I'm sitting here on the living room couch trying out the laptop my son gave me..one of his old ones...oh I'm pretty happy...even if the keyboard is 'touchy' to get used to. Now I can ...well, maybe...blog while watching a western or two with my sweetheart. Doesn't that sound like fun? Hope you are having a good day, and especially that your husband is too. I hope he's doing better. My husband is home from work every day this week at noon...plantar fasciitus problems. Better run before he feels neglected. I was right in the middle of cleaning & decided to try this....oh I amloving it....big grin.

Elizabeth said...

Yep...you are right on, dear fellow Wayfarer...we are sojourners here for a bit longer...maybe not too long!! See ya on the other side! Blessings!!

Saija said...

pat ... me too, homesick for a place called heaven ...

jeanette ... ya!!! argghhh ... i had to mail it away ($26!!), but i'm hoping that in another week, it'll be back and all fixed up! hope hope hope ...

maggie ann ... i have a laptop too ... only my whild little kitty doesn't like me being on it! but i have used it more since my monitor is out being fixed ... hope your hubby is feeling better!

elizabeth ... yup, many blog buds will meet for the first time - over there!