Saturday, December 13, 2008

i take, He undertakes!

if you are still wondering what to get someone for Christmas ... i strongly recommend "Springs in the Valley" by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman ... even tho' it was first published over 50 years ago, the truths in it are timeless and timely!

here is yesterday's reading ... may you be blessed by it!

"He is faithful that promised." (Hebrews 10:23)

God's power will keep God's promises! Promises for the soul, promises for the body, promises for others, promises for our work, promises for our business, promises for time and for eternity: these are all ours! It is not your weakness that can defeat God's promise, nor your strength that can fulfill the promise: He that spoke the Word will Himself make it good. It is neither your business nor mine to keep God's promises: that is His grace.

The signed check is given us. How foolish if we fear to present it! Never yet has one single check been dishonoured! "He is faithful that promised."

I take; He undertakes!

We may pray much over a promise, and yet never obtain it. Asking is not taking. Beseeching is not claiming.

I clasp the hand of Love divine,
I claim the gracious promise mine,
And add to His my countersign.
I take, He undertakes.
I simply take Him at His Word;
I praise Him that my prayer is heard
And claim my answer from the Lord.
I take, He undertakes.

~Dr. A.B. Simpson


Penless Thoughts said...

Such a truth!

Mari said...

Oh Saija - that is good!

Tammie said...

I believe the Lord wanted me to read this entry - I enjoy Mrs. Cowman's devotional, and today's (Dec. 13) (in my book) was on God's peace, and "deeply dwelling" as the storms pass eyes did glance up to see yesterdays, which is what you printed i didn't read yesterday's yesterday - But, this is a timely word for me....believing God's promises...He reminded me of a prayer that i prayed as a child that he is honoring; seeing that she used "dishonored" spoke to my spirit as I thanked Him today for honoring my prayer....ANYhow, I was searching the web for today's entry as I wanted to post it on my blog - and found You! :-) and read this entry...and a few others!!! I like the one about your condo!

Cathy said...

A great devotional, Saija, thanks for the reminder about the book.

dawna said...

I found your blog through Pat's and hope you don't mind if I comment. I have a brother who lives in China and is involved in the "house" churches there. I am going to send him this book. Like Tammie, I believe I was intended to read this blog entry. Thank you for wonderful encouragement. God is good and nothing else even matters....hugs

Nancy said...

I love that, "I take, He undertakes" That says so much with so little words. Thank you Saja. Blessings to you!!!

Fred said...

Great devotional. You always post readings that make my day.

And those cookies in the prior post look so good!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful reading for a lovely Sunday...!

Mimi said...

Never has one single check been dishonored...we just have to remember that He is faithful that promised...

this was a wonderful post thank you for taking your time to do it...

Debbie said...

I want to live in that village in the picture! It's like a Thomas Kinkaid painting. I love your devotionals. And your links on your sidebar are ones I enjoy. I have read some of Elisabeth Elliott's books but forgotten what became of her. I'm glad I was able to link to her and read. Thanks!