Sunday, November 14, 2004

Canadian Sunset

Canadian Sunset, our backyard. Posted by Hello

a little touch of Canadiana . . . the view at sunset when i stroll into the backyard . . . i should do more strolling, because the view can really be spectacular some nights . . . it would take a great DEAL of faith to believe that there was no Creator to what my eyes take in . . . to believe that the breathtaking colours that are splashed on the sky were just happenstance . . . now there is a stretch for some poor souls faith . . .

but on another note . . . i really need to learn how to add blogs i read on to this site - since it was Maiken's A Case of Me that got me going and she had a new life emerging listed as a blog she reads, that i now read too . . . hmmmm, i have stuff to learn on fixing up my blog . . . and hopefully i will "get tuit" soon . . .

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful!
What an honor to have helped in getting someone started on their blog - it really is a great way to communicate. How are things this winter? Is it getting really cold?
Blessings -