Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hero of Faith

i’ve had time this evening to read blogs . . . jumping from one faith topic to another, taking the pulse of the "body of Christ online" . . . it seems that the emerging church movement is a hot topic . . . it peaked my interest before i even had a blog to express myself in . . . and discussion is good ... how else can we fine tune ourselves and our faith without dialogue or the sharing of opinions?

after reading the thoughts and comments of others . . . it occurred to me that i now have a platform where i can give homage to a man i’ve admired all my life and who’s crusade i went forward at (age of 12) to accept Christ as my Saviour . . . my hero of faith is billy graham who has certainly stood the test of time, been tried by fire yet remained simply and truly committed to the Lord he has served all these years.

AND the message never waivered or changed - it remained bible based and pure.

now i don’t "worship" billy graham or have him on a pedestal (well the pedestal part - maybe a little), but i DO admire the man and his steadfast faith.

nothing profound here . . . just my heartfelt THANK YOU to a southern gentleman, who is the person i admire most in this world . . .

thank you Lord, for giving us billy graham.


J. said...

Hey ... I went to the Sunday crusade and sang in the choir ... did you see my blog/pictures about it? It was one of the coolest experiences and not just because it was cold. :) LINK

Saija said...

THANX!!!! my husband and i enjoyed looking at your pics Jeanette . . . what a blessing, eh!!! we've heard Franklin Graham preach at Grace Community (in Tempe, AZ) twice now, he is a powerful preacher as well . . . and Leighton Ford, Billy Graham's brother-in-law and Ralph Bell (another of the Team) we've heard preach here in Canada ... terrific men of God!!

i'm so thrilled for you tho . . . to be able to hear one of the last times that Billy Graham preaches . . . with his age and health, it is inevitable . . . s

J. said...

And to sing with Beverly Shea ... it was awesome the way God worked it out for me. :)