Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hope for the Troubled Heart ...

i'm reading Hope for the Troubled Heart ... a billy graham book ...

here is a little excerpt ... from page 99-100 ...

Pain can drive us in two directions. Either it can make us curse God for allowing our misery, or drive us to Him for relief. There is the expression, "God helps those who help themselves." I think a saying like "God helps us when we are helpless" is infinitely more comforting.

Sickness teaches us that activity is not the only way to serve God. "They also serve who only stand and wait." Man seems to judge active duty, but God shows us that He is also glorified through suffering.

Linda had been poisoned by chemicals, resulting in the destruction of her immune system, Making her allergic to the world." She was like the "boy in the bubble" who lived in a plastic enclosure to guard him from every atmospheric contaminant. Linda was in and out of intensive care and isolation units for five years of her young adult life. She said, "Most of the time I didn't think coherently. I was too busy trying to survive."

Linda struggled with one small goal during those years of intense suffering. She read one verse of Scripture each day and prayed for one minute. "And that was an overwhelming task," she said.

When she was able to leave the prison of hospital isolation, she began to reach out to others. She founded an organization called Direct Link, which links a disabled person to a source of help and support. She said, "The Lord gave me suffering so that I could help the suffering world of the disabled."

Jesus said, "What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight" (Matthew 10:27). What does this mean to us? It means, be quiet, listen to God when things are their worst, and you will be able to talk to others when you are better.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Wonderful advice. We need to listen to God when things are at their worse. I know that when my pain becomes so bad that is when I have to turn it over to God and just pray for some relief because there is no other way....thanks for your post today..

Saija said...

flip/flop ... i read this to leo this morning, and he so agreed with it too ... we just don't have the answers to "why" here - but there is always HOPE! blessings to you!

Fred said...

If only more of us could listen. Thanks for helping us to understand, Saija.

Captainwow said...

That Billy Graham there he goes being all great and everything again! :o)
good words, thanks for sharing them with us!

Terry said...

Dear Saija..I remember one of the preachers was talking about the Children Of Israel, when the king kept hardening his heart so much that it became like rock. By the same token when the Lord sends hardships into a Christian's life it softens our heart just as soft as wax, then the Lord can shape it the way He wants!
What you have written here kind of reminds me of that. Billy Graham is such a godly man!
My dad who isn't saved told my mom and me once that Billy Graham is the only tv preacher that he can trust!! Imagine that!
Of course I don't think my dad ever heard the likes of Charles Stanley or some more good preachers on the Chrisian channels. He just saw Billy Graham on a regular tv channel!

Thanks again for the prairies. We are leaving 3 am Friday morning! Love Terry

Saija said...

fred ... billy graham has certainly been a modern day apostle in his steadfast faithfulnes to the Cross of Christ ... the Lord has used his ministry in my life!

cptnwow ... now ain't that the truth! :o)

terry ... hope you drive safe & enjoy our beautiful country ... :o) ... and re billy graham, only glory will tell how many folks his ministry has lead to the Lord or helped to grow in grace ... i can lift up my hands to both ... every generation has thier great saint - i do believe Rev. Graham was ours ... blessings to you!

Ashley said...

Hi Saija,
I already wrote this once but it didn't appear. ANyways, I wrote an e-mail to the address provided in your profile. I'm just letting you know in case it goes to 'junk'

Terry said...

Dear Saija...Thanks! I will enjoy the trip!!

Yes Billy Graham is quite a man. I remember that one time Larry King had him as his guest.
Mr. King declares that he is an atheist but he told Billy Graham right to his face, "You KNOW I don't believe in God and in heaven but if there is such a place, I know that you Mr. Graham will be there!!"

Catch you in a few days Saija...Love Terry

osray said...

That is a beautiful article Saija, and I know it is true. In all my pains and discouraging times I have always seen someone in more distress than I. God knows all about us, doesn't he?

Saija said...

ashley ... thanks for the e-mail ... it was good to hear of your friends adventure ... there are so many folks out there with very "big hearts" for others!

terry ... yes, larry king hold billy in the highest regard ... it would be wonderful if he "met" the Saviour that billy always speaks about! ... and i know you'll have a wonderful trip! :o)

osray ... i have read this book before, but i find that there is always encouragement to be had to "keep on keeping on ... " in billy's books! blessings on you!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Saija, we just heard a message along these lines at church. Very helpful!! We can never go wrong 'leaning on the everlasting arms', can we. Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July. I wondor whats blooming in your yard now...=). *hugs*

Saija said...

maggie ann ... there are more surprises of all kinds blooming here, i should take a pic before they have flowered out! blessings on you!