Monday, June 18, 2007

the Strength of the Lord


Corry said...

I am so grateful you enjoy your free time. I pray God will continue to bless y'all.

The view is absolutely beautiful! You are truly blessed :-)

God's Grace.

hebrews 11:1 said...

Just came over here for the first time in a few days...I wish I could get a photo like that! Actually I got some pretty good ones, lately.
Did you hear of Mrs. Shirkie's fall? It's up on Pilgrim Pals. I hope she doesn't get mad with me for going around telling everyone...oh, yes, and you'll get a good laugh when you read the last few comments about fruit...

the little pilgrim pal

Penless Thoughts said...

Lovely & beautiful.

elizabeth said...

We are needing the strength of the Lord, here at this house. Today was spent at the doctor's with my daughter. The blood work shows there is something wrong with her liver. The doc was worried. So prayers are appreciated. She is only 23 so it ought not to look this way, especially considering our lifestyle. My dad reminded me tonight of an abnomality with some of the liver function in his family, but he is 80 and still going along. So it must not shorten life. I am hopeful it turns out to be thus...or a virus as the doc hopes.

Saija said...

corry ... yes there are so many blessings ... :o)

heb 11:1 ... thanks for the heads-up ... i went and saw the pic ...owie!

susan ... isn't it? i don't know who took the pic, but it was a nice one to post!

elizabeth ... "Lord i pray that you will heal this daughter and draw her closer to Yourself during this time ... in Jesus name" ...

Terry said...

Deare Saija...It just seems that a lot of your spare times involves a whole lot of pretty flowers and you think that you din't have a green thumb?
Well think again!
I hope that Bernie will be palnting our flowere this coming weekend!
Like I said, we only plant the one kind!!
Impatience flowers..
Take care Saija...Love Terry