Sunday, August 26, 2007


leo came home from the hospital this afternoon and we are thankful!

thank you again for your prayer on our behalf ... we are definitely tuckered out, but hoping for better days ahead!!!

blessings to you all ... saija


Catherine said...

Fantastic news, Saija! I'm so glad to hear it. I hope that new kitty is making Leo feel right at home. :)

passing-thru said...

Wonderful - Lord Bless
will be praying this week for u two

Mari said...

We are all thankful with you. This is a definate answer to prayer.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

This is good news..Now all my blogging friends are doing great all at once...God is good..Sandy

Pat said...

God is faithful in the great and small things-His name is to be praised!
I'm so happy for both of you that he is home...have a cup of tea and give thanks for each other!

Penless Thoughts said...

I know you are both thankful indeed.

prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

Dear Saija,
Thank God that Leo is back home. I'm praying for him.
Glad to know your kitty is doing well. What are you going to name him? A Finnish name?
He looks like "Sticky" one of the kittens we rescued. We named him Sticky because a footall player in montreal (whose nickname is Sticky) has a cat that he described as "stripey, like a tiger". Yes we are the crazyest people!

Can you tell me the numbers 0-9 in Finnish? I also need to know how to say "we won", "we lost", "shoot the puck", "pass the puck", "great job" "charge him" and "hook him".

Hope thats not to much to ask! We are getting ready for hockey season and we live in such a multicultureal area that insructions shouted in English, French, Spanish, Greek, and Italian would be understood by others! I don't think we have ny Finns in the neighbourhood.

Little montreal Girl

Mimi said...

God does indeed answer prayers... I am so happy for you to have Leo back home with you once again...
I will continue to pray for comfort and freedom from pain for him...
and for you as you continue to be a strong and comforting care giver to him

elizabeth said...

So glad for the good news and hope Leo continues recouping!! Life is too exciting sometimes!! Blessings!!

Jeanette said...

That's great news. :)

Saija said...

catherine ... the kitty cuddled up to him right away ... :o)

passing-thru ... the prayer is so appreciated! thank you ...

mari ... it's been a restful day for leo today ...

Sandy ... feels good to have prayers answered, doesn't it! :)

pat ... i was stressed this a.m., but the day went better after i had a cry! my heart is thankful tho'!

Susan ... yes indeed!

lttlemtrlgrl ... *laughing* ... i googled some finnish/english language sites - they are definitely there and you could probably get better translations for the hockey terms then from me ... i don't use that kind of finn, so i would probably lead you astray ... let me know if you found the www sites for the translations ... :o)

mimi ... thank you so much! it was an unexpected turn of events, the hospital stay - but God had everything under control - for which i was so very thankful!

elizabeth ... yes, he needs to recoup a bit more - and hopefully he will be stronger then ever!

jeanette ... ain't it tho'?!!! :o)

Catherine said...

"catherine ... the kitty cuddled up to him right away ... :o)"

Yay!! Based on the photos you posted the other day, that kitty seems to have taken to Leo right off the bat. I'm so glad. Animals are so wonderful. :) I'm glad to hear Leo had a restful day!

Cathy said...

I'm so glad Leo is home with you. I'm praying for you too, dear Saija, as I know you are busy caring for him.:-) And you can do all things through our God who strengthens you. We thank God for answering prayers.

eija said...

Oh you guys have had some rough time! Great that everything's better now, though - and even the kitty's eating :)

Little montreal Girl
Translations for you:

0 nolla
1 yksi
2 kaksi
3 kolme
4 neljä
5 viisi
6 kuusi
7 seitsemän
8 kahdeksan
9 yhdeksän

we won = me voitettiin

we lost = me hävittiin

shoot the puck = ammu!

(kiekko=puck but nobody says it in this context, only the verb in imperative)

pass the puck = syötä!

great job = hieno homma

charge him - is this the same as "tackle"? in that case the Finnish would be "taklaa!" or "taklaa se!" (se = him or her in not-so-good language, actually it means "it")

hook him = koukkaa! (i'm not sure about the English term here - in Finnish hooking in hockey is something which as far as I know is not allowed.)

Oh, and these translations are colloquialisms because nobody uses "real" language in hockey matches. That would sound way too funny :D

daisymarie said...

This is certainly good news. I hope the recoup time at home has him back to speed quickly. Blessings.

Debra said...

So glad you are both back home in your cozy nest! Praying with you for better days.... Blessings, Debra

Little Monreal Girl said...

Dear Saija,
Kittos for the translations. We are going to have fun at the park this year! Hope no Finns show up to play, that wouldn’t be funny! We live far enough from Saku Koivu (one of the Canadiens) so hopefully he won’t come to our park!

God bless you!
Little Monreal Girl

Saija said...

catherine ... the kitty has been so sweet ... leo and the little boy are watching the news together at the moment!

cathy ... yes - God makes all things possible!!! thank you for the prayer!

eija ... you are a sweetie to give the little montreal girl the finn words - i was at a loss for those hockey terms!

tina ... i'm hoping that the antibiotics take care of the bugs - and that leo regains some strength ... he's been so wiped for awhile now ...

debra ... yes, better days are a blessing - and even more sweet after the yucky ones! :o)

lttlemontreal girl ... it was eija (from finland) who did the translations for you ... wasn't that sweet of her?

prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

Oh I sorry Eija I didn't see that it was YOU who did this for me! Kittos very much!

Rita said...

Saija, I thought I left you a note the last time I was here, but apparently I didn't get it to post. I'm so glad to hear Leo is so much better and is back home. What did they say was the cause of the fever? Was it an upper respiratory infection? You both are in my thoughts and prayers.
How is the new baby doing? He/she??? is beautiful. Do you have a name yet?