Friday, November 02, 2007

bad blogging bud ...

i am wondering why on earth anyone is even visiting me lately ... i have been a very negligent blog buddy ... hardly ever around ... with my computer shut off for most of the day!

life has just taken one of those busy turns ... mind you, it's busy in a pleasant way - i just miss my online chatting & visits with blog buds ...

i have been blogging for 3 years now ... and i can honestly say that the encouragement i've received from online friends has been the biggest blessing to me ... i've discovered that leo and i aren't alone in this "chronic, 24/7, warfare" - called PAIN!! ... and i've also discovered that believers can encourage each other - without ever having met face to face ... in fact, i have YET to meet a single blogging bud ... one day? hope so!

the next 2 weeks promises to be especially busy workwise and also personally ...

and now, i must go get some shut-eye!

blessings to you!

Start where you are in serving the Lord,
Claim His sure promise and trust in His Word;
God simply asks you to do what you can,
He'll use your efforts to further His plan.
- Anon


Mimi said...

never feel guilty about slacking off on blogging... I check up on you every day or so to see how things are going... and when you are busy... that is a good thing because many times it means that Leo is having good days also!!!
You continue to be in my prayers!!!

Pat said...

Life's busy moments have taken me away from blogging lately too, but even though I don't comment every time, I always stop by to see how everyone is doing!
Blessings on you and Leo my friend - you have been such an encouragement and ray of sunshine!

Debra said...

Hey Saija... I'm still visiting you nearly every day--am always wondering how you are doing. :) Thanks so much for your kind comments at my blog and the emails lately during this latest hard time. I appreciate you! Blessings, Debra

Mari said...

Hi Saija - glad to hear you and Leo are doing okay and staying busy in a good way!. I thankful you have a job you can enjoy. I also think it's great that believers can encourage each other when they have never met. I feel that some of my blogging buddies are old friends although I've only met one of them. Maybe I'll meet others later!

Jammie J. said...

Yes, how can you possibly neglect us all like that! (nevermind that i do the same thing sometimes that's not the point of this comment)
But you know they say that confession is good for the soul, and since you just confessed, I'll take that as encouragement. Wait, no, I'm supposed to be encouraging you. Wait, no, you encourage me. Oh phooey, now I'm all confused.

Cathy said...

Hi, Saija,
I know you are busy working and taking care of Leo and lil kitty. We understand when you can't blog every day! You are often in my thoughts, and I'm glad things are going well.
Bless you, dear.

Saija said...

mimi ... leo misses me when i work ... but atleast he is feeling better, you are right about that! thank you for the encouragement!

pat ... i guess we should be thankful that we have our health & can keep busy ... :o)

debra ... you've been on my mind, and my prayers ... 3 wks after my dad died, i had a really sad time - it seemed to hit me between the eyes, right out of the blue ... ((hugs))

mari ... even tho' it's saturday, i was working today - i catologued books, helped patrons find things and just had a great time!!! i really enjoy the library - books, books books!

j ... you silly girl! made me grin ... ((hugs)) ... leo is chuckling too ... 1

cathy ... and blessings right backatcha!!

jel said...

I'm a baddddd buddy too havn't been around here much sorry! :(

it's not like you have a life or something like it! :)

hello to Leo!

Sista Cala said...

I too have been a bit busy. Sometimes it is hard to keep up w/my relatives much less my blogging buddies. But, I still stop in here now and then.

BTW, chgreen of Beneath the Ivy Wreath will be having a birthday 11/5. Please stop by and leave your best wishes thanks.

daisymarie said...

i'm just thankful that it's a good busy and not leo's or your sis' health.

take care and i'll keep checking back for your wonderful words of encouragement and your songs of good cheer!

Nancy said...

Your blog is on my almost daily stops, & always think of you & Leo in my prayers.
I often don't post for days at a time, life gets busy when you work.
Have any suggestions on good books to read?

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Saija...I haven't been blogging as much as usual either. Life gets busy...I'm just about to calll it a day though, after an evening on the road going to visit DH's sister, who got a good report from the Dr. today, but has more weeks of being confined to bed with no sitting at all. Poor girl! I would be crying myself to sleep at night or at least thats what I used to do when I had to be hospitalized!...way back when. Hoping you have a great day tomorrow! *a hug* coming your way from Maggie Ann....=)

Eric Postma said...

Hi Saija,
Thanks for checking out my blog, glad you like it! It's nice to connect with other bloggers.

Blessings on you!


Saija said...

jel ... *chuckling*, yes life gets in the way of blogging sometimes!

sista cala ... her was today! i best go see, eh!

tina ... blessings on ya!

nancy ... we've starting reading another joe stowell book ... the upside of down ... so far it's good ... :o)

maggie ann ... i'm heading to bed too ... tomorrow is my all work day ... and i work the rest of the week too, so life got busy ... hopefully i will "juggle" this all ok ... i do enjoy the library! blessings on ya!

eric ... it was nice to read about what was going on at Prov ... it's good that you guys have started a blog ... blessings to you ...

Catherine said...

I know the feeling -- I've been slacking off on blogging lately, as well. Sometimes life just gets too busy to fit everything in that you'd like to do in a day!