Monday, November 12, 2007

up-date on my life!

good morning! i thought i would do a little up-date for you guys - if you are wondering what in the world has been keeping me so busy!!!

first, here is the snow pic ... taken on wednesday ... we got a little over 2 inches of the white stuff - thankfully, as of this morning, it has melted ... none the less, it is a reminder of what is to come!

the past week went by in a blurr ... i worked 5 days at the library ... which i loved, yet leo was lonesome during the times i was gone ... i felt badly about that ... this little part-time job was just supposed to get me out of the house, and put some extra money in my purse ... hopefully it will be PART TIME for the rest of the winter, and not so many hours ... i don't want to add any stress to leo's world ... he has been doing well, and i like to think it's because he has been content and happy ...

mind you, i am ENJOYING the library work! on thursday i was the story time reader to 9, sweet 5 year old boys and girls ... that was fun ... i tried to make the reading lively ... i seemed to hold their attention during the 20 minutes that they were there ... this one little boy made me chuckle ... he started off sitting at the top of the 3 tier step/sitting area, that is in the corner of the children's section ... then after 5 minutes, he slipped to step #2 ... then another few minutes he was on step #1 - which was close to the little stool i was sitting on ... then i felt his little foot reaching for my foot ... he rested it on top of my foot for the rest of story time ... isn't that precious?!! *grin* ...

my off hours involved some volunteer things and household chores ... the week truly zzzoooommmmmeeeeddddddd by!

to cap off the busy week - there was a big family get-together yesterday, at my cousin's new home ... over 30 of us were invited over for great food and to just mingle and visit in their lovely chalet .... unfortunately leo never comes to these things ... it is difficult for him to go to anything like this because he can't sit for long, or stand for long ... so the downside for me was another afternoon/evening without leo ... he was by his lonesome ... oh - amend that - leo and squeaks were by their lonesome!!!

i talked to my sister maria, last night ... she sounded tired, and is having problems with her kidneys functioning again ... it is definitely an up and down situation ... she will need dialysis at some point ... but she is trying to hold off as long as possible ...

this morning the sun is shining ... and i feel rested ... my work schedule is 3 days this week ... 2 days next week ... i'm hoping that a routine will develop so that i don't feel rushed and stressed ... there are so many many things i enjoy doing, 24 hours doesn't seem to be enough time to squeeze them in!

blessings on you, dear blog buds!

"... let us encourage one another - and all the more as you see the Day approaching." Hebrews 10:25b


Mimi said...

I can just see the little boy easing himself closer and closer to you as you tell him an exciting story... that would by my kind of job!!!
I am so glad that Leo is doing better and that your sister is somewhat holding her own...
And Squeeks is such company for Leo.. but I'm sure the days seem long for them while you are gone...

I hope your work schedule levels to such that you can continue to enjoy the work and still have time to spend with Leo...

blessings to you ..
p.s. the snow looked beautiful and peaceful... even though it probably makes it hard to get out....

Mari said...

I love the story of the little boy - I can just picture it. You are a blessing to the folks who come to the library - even the little ones! The snow is pretty, but oh how I hate to drive in it!

Nancy said...

Kids are so cute aren't they?
Glad you enjoy the job but do hope it slows down for you.
Good to hear Leo is stable as well, prays for all of you continue.

Saija said...

mimi ... that little guy just made my day ... i love the way kids just like ya, or don't! there is no misunderstanding how they feel ... :o)

mari ... i don't like to drive in snowy conditions either! yuck! but if i don't have to go to the city, then a wee bit of local driving is just fine!

nancy ... :o), they sure are cute! thank you for the prayer .... and i was so stressed & preoccupied last week, that i left the car door open (in the garage) and when i had to go get groceries today - the battery was dead! i needed a boost!

elizabeth said...

Glad things are going as well as they are!! Blessings on you both...well, 3 counting kitty!

Penless Thoughts said...

You sound very happy and I am so thankful for that. The snow picture was pretty. It was still 81 degrees here yesterday!!! So glad you got the kitty to keep Leo company.

auntibeck said...

LOVE the photo! And can just picture you at the library and reading to those children-- Pretty neat combination--your love for books--AND little ones!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

How sweet..the little boy just took some time to warm up to you that is all!! I job is supposed to be part time too and i am working a lot this week. I don;t like getting stressed over things not getting done at home or not being home when hubby is. I do enjoy it though...Glad that you do too. makes is so much nicer for both of us..Sandy

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
I'm so happy for you and your librarian job. It was made for you, wasn't it??
In the end Leo is also benefiting from having a wife who's more contempt.
My mother was home with my father for the last four years, only allowed five hours a week to do some shopping and other necessary out of house chores.
Of course I tried to help out, but we live in different towns, so most of the work she had to manage herself. And she did, but to an exhausting price...
She's still barely recovering, wants to be alone, to go to bed and make food when she wants, not around the clock like she had to.
I'm sure Leo understands even though he misses you. In a way it would be sad if he didn't miss you?
I'm searching through a couple of thousand books my father left me,
and I found a copy called Voices from Finland printed in Helsinki 1947.
It has this poem by Edith Soedergran that my father used to love.

The country that is not

I long for the country that is not,
For everything that is I am tired of desiring.
The moon tells me in silver runes
Of the country that is not.
The country where all our desire is miraculously fulfilled,
The country where all our fetters fall,
The country where we cool our wounded brows,
In the dew of the moon.
My life was a hot illusion.
But one thing i have found, and one thing have I certainly won-
The way to the country that is not.
In the country that is not
My beloved walks with a sparkling crown on his head.
Who is my beloved? The night is dark,
And the stars tremble in answer.
Who is my beloved? What is his name?
The heavens lift their vault higher and higher
And a human child is drowned in endless mists
And knows no answer.
But a human child is nothing but a certainty.
And it stretches out its arms higher than all the heavens.
And there comes an answer:
I am the one that thou lovest and shalt always love.
Edith Soedergran
and Felisol

Gavin said...

Hi Saija

I just noticed you changed your picture. Your glasses look just like mine.

Take care

Saija said...

elizabeth ... blessings backatcha!

Susan ... today we had a howling wind with snow pellets! hope it cools down a wee bit for you - into the 70's until Christmas!

antibk ... the reading time brought me back to the summer of 72, when i was a summer missionary for child evangelism ... the stories i read were different, but that children were still the same, sweet little people!

Sandy ... i had a day off today - yay! ... then i work 2 days and off 3 ... that is in better keeping with my life ... hope things slow down a bit for you too!

felisol ... thank you for sharing and encouraging me along ... i appreciate it! ... and for the poem too ... was it written in Finn? i'm just wondering because the last name is a swedish one ... blessings to you!

gavin ... my glasses are those transitional lenses ... i wear them to watch tv/read ... do you wear yours all the time? i try to wear mine as little as possible! they never seem to stay clean!! *smile*

Maggie Ann said...

I love to hear about your daily life...and I'm glad the library job is something you enjoy. It sounds like fun and variety too. Glad your hubby is doing better!

Saija said...

maggie ann ... just when i said he was doing better - he got his fever again! i gave him tylenol, and it did go away - but? hmmm?

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
Edith Soedergran was 100 % Finn, born and raised in Karelska Näset wich today is occupied by the Russians I presume. She wrote however mostly in Swedish. The book I refer to, has poems written in Finn and Swedish and then translated to English on the other side. Some known Finn painters are used for illustrating.
Your Felisol

Debra said...

Saija--I love it when you catch us up on your life. I'm so glad you are still enjoying your library job! Thanks for your kind comments at my blog lately and for your emails, too. I appreciate you! Blessings, Debra

Saija said...

felisol ... it sounds like a really lovely book ... did i tell you that my mom has published poetry in Finn? she loves to write and poems are a very natural way for her to express her feelings ... she is 72 years young ... :o)

debra ... i just know how you are feeling - even though my dad has been gone for 6 years, the tenderness of my heart towards his passing, remains ...

Felisol said...

sorry, but no, you never told me that your mother was a poet.
I'm impressed and highly interested. Is any of her poetry translated into English or Swedish??
Finn is too difficult for me to read, but today most Finns speak English, if they don't want to speak Swedish.
I admire their stubbornness maintaining their language origin and taking pride in being genuine Finns.
It would be very interesting if you could publish some of your very young mother's poetry!!
(I'm 58, so she could never have been my mother.)
Yours Felisol

Saija said...

felisol ... all her poetry is in Finnish ... some have been made into hymns by folks in finland ... e-mail me at and i can give you some names of her books, if you like ... :o) ... and yes, i have a young mom - i will be 54 in february, mom had me when she was still a very young woman ...

Catherine said...

You made a new friend! What a sweet story. It doesn't surprise me that the little ones feel drawn to you. :) I'm glad you're enjoying the job, and I hope you are able to hit the right balance between work time and home time. Best wishes to you, Leo, Squeaks, and Maria!