Friday, November 30, 2007

one year ago today ...

this post is from ONE YEAR AGO ... i thought i would repost it, because after being here in the condo one year ... we are still so very aware of and thankful for, God's kindness towards us!!!

reposted from one year ago:

photo by sisko

the sale of our cottage, finding the rental and now, finally, the much prayed for condo - all these moments i have shared with you ...

tonight is the last sleep before we get the keys to answered prayer - imagine!

if you have the time, take a journey with me into my archives ... to see how the Lord directed our path to arrive where we are today ...

the cottage we had lived in for 14 years, sold dec 2, 2005 ... we felt so strongly that God was in it ...
click here

next came the realization we didn't have anywhere to move!
click here

then the Lord gave me verses to cling to, through a scary time
click here that started the long list of "no" answers to places we wanted to buy click here

even finding a rental seemed to be extremely difficult
click here, though God was up for the task! click here

my anxieties continued, until i had to "fire" the hardworking saija, and let God deal with everything ... click here

after much searching and prayer ... God just "dropped" the condo into our laps!
click here

He HAS given me the desire of my heart ... but in the end - it is only God - not possessions or people or places ... that IS the DESIRE of my HEART...

to HIM be the Glory ... now and forever more ...

yup yup ... only one more sleep ... *grin*

"I will greatly rejoice in the Lord,
My soul shall be joyful in my God ..."
Isaiah 61:10a


Flip Flop Floozie said...

I remember this post!! You sounded so happy that FINALLY your dream had come true. I hope you are as happy now as you were that ONE YEAR ago!! hope that hubby is doing well.


Mari said...

Happy anniversary! A whole year has gone by. I'm happy you are still happy and giving thanks for this blessing!

Mimi said...

I wan't blogging back then... but it was fun to follow along with you down memory lane and see how the Lord worked everything out for you just perfectly IN HIS TIME.....

what a great testimony to his goodness!!
blessings to you and Leo and congratulations on your first Anniversary in your Condo!!!

Saija said...

Sandy ... a year ago, we were just over the moon, rejoicing ... and we are still so very very happy in this spot! it's good to look back and see God's hand at work ... it builds up ones faith for tomorrow ... and hubby is doing not bad ... blessings on ya!

mari ... thank you! the years go by so quickly - but this past year has been the fastest of them all ... the flower garden here at the condo was another lovely surprise ... i enjoyed watching it bloom!

mimi ... yes, everything IN HIS TIME! don't we get anxious tho' ? but when we wait on Him, it is so much sweeter and lovelier ... blessings on your weekend!

Cathy said...

I remember that, how excited you were. Yes, God has been good to you. He met all your needs.

Saija said...

cathy ... amen! the blessings have made me feel rich rich rich!