Sunday, August 16, 2009

anniversary #35 ... yikes!

i honestly CANNOT believe that leo and i are now celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary! that's the thing about not having kids, we don't have those "living markers" to help us visualize time ... there is the old mirror *laughing* but i don't look in it much, so that doesn't count!!!

one thing about a long marriage ... and i suppose 35 years is getting to be a "long marriage"! ... you look back and you can see the segments in it ... like an orange ... you can separate that 35 years into parts ... first love ... first home ... turbulent times ... surgery years ... arizona years ... cottage living ... spiritual growth ... many many segments of life ... (posts sharing anniversary's past: number 31 ; number 32; number 33; number 34)

and through the 35 years - 26 of them have chronic pain laced through every memory ... it is a joy stealer of even the sweetest moments ... yet, it has also added empathy and continues to be a teaching tool ...

our union would have been disolved long ago, if it weren't for our shared faith in Christ ... to Him be all the glory ...thank you Lord - for being that glue in our marriage ... and more ... so much more each day!


Mimi said...

congratulations on 35 years!!!!
God is indeed good... he helps us through the tough times...and blesses us with the good times!!

Nancy said...

35 years that is awesome!!! congrats to you both, I love the picture, you both look so happy!!!

Debra said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Amrita said...

Congratulation Leo and Saija.

May God bless you with many happy years to come.

Both of you look so radiant together

Susan said...

Congratulations on 35 years. Our "stories" are so different. 50+ for us, 4 children, good health and yet......the most important and shared theme is that "3 fold cord" of Christ in the center. Praise God for that. I cannot imagine living one day without my Lord.

Mari said...

Congratulations Saija! I love the picture of the two of you.
You are right - We all need God in the middle for our marriages to continue. We will celebrate our 28th on Friday!

Pat said...

congratulations and a VERY happy anniversary to you both!
I think that most of us would have gone our seperate ways from time to time without God as the center of our marriage. He is the only hope, for individuals and for the world.
You are such a good looking couple, it's hard to believe that you've been married that long. Love looks good on you!

Sita said...

A blessed anniversary to you both. Not an easy road for you, but a road with Him, the fruit of longsuffering, perseverance bearing its mark. May His joy be yours.
Love, Sita

Tim said...

Wow! :)


Tim and Gerry

Catherine said...

Happy Anniversary, and many more!

Crown of Beauty said...

happy Anniversary to you and Leo. 35 years is a long marriage, and praise God you have stayed together that long.

Can't imagine that 26 out of those 35 years were lived in chronic pain. I praise God you and leo have chosen to stay true to one another.

What a testimony, especially in this day when almost everyone looks after convenience in a relationship.


Debra said...

Happy belated aniversary to a very special couple-- and may you have many more! Blessings, Debra

jel said...

35 year! that's cool!

happy day :)

auntibeck said...

You two are DARLING! God bless you--it's all good, the bitter with the sweet, I know.

Jammie J. said...

Congratulations (belatedly) on your 35th Anniversary together. You'd think after "all these years" I'd remember that your anniversary is a day before Tony's birthday. But do I remember? Hmmm, well, here I am a couple days late. :)

Our 4th is coming up on the 20th... hard to believe. :)

Felisol said...

Dear Saija,
happy belated 35th anniversary.
You are looking just so beautiful, even matching clothes, blue and white.
Shared pain makes half the pain,
Shared joy makes double joy.
Such the saying goes.
You have made it come true.
Today is our 21st anniversary. We rarely have had the time to remember.
This time we already have celebrated for three days.
-Old Norwegian weddings were celebrated three whole days to an end.
Hugs from Felisol

Cathy said...

Now how did I miss that precious post?! I love your picture. And Happy Anniversary wishes, a little late!

I was just wondering earlier if you were alright.

Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations upon reaching this milestone!! We approach year 37. I would have to say, but for GOD, as well. I too am grateful to have come to this place. We know miracles can happen don't we? Blessings...dealing with continual illness is no picnic...empathy to you in that as well!!

Maggie Ann said...

Happy Anniversary dear friends!!! I love the 'segments of an orange' illustration. May God bless you with many, many more years of marriage & romance. You are a blessing to many!...not long ago someone on their blog asked if anyone else noticed the word verification matched (sometimes) what the subject you were talking about was. As I typed the word v in just now I couldn't help noticing...the relationship of your Wedding Anniversary and this 'matedife' very close to mated for life. What does one conclude from this? Is Blogger eavesdropping on us....grin. *big hugs*

grammy said...

Happy Anniversary. we are right up there with you. God id good. Heres praying you have many more.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

THANKS for the great picture of you I can really see Leo. i remember when I first came here you had a post about him and the cat...funny how I remember that one.
CONGRATULATIONS on these 35 years!! I can see how you would have no one to look at and say that is how long we have been married. It always ages me to see my kids so grown up!!
Thanks for the prayer for our home..We still have had no one.. I hope that your anniversary is wonderful just like you two!! Sandy

daisymarie said...

35 years is truly wonderful and great reason to celebrate! Congratlustions.

Linda said...

35 Years! Praising God for sustaining and growing your love for Him and for each other. That love shines in your eyes. Happy Anniversary!

Mrs. Mac said...

Praising God for sustaining you both through the 'in sickness and in health' part of the marriage vows! What a testimony for others to witness.