Thursday, November 25, 2004

Count your blessings

i had a doozy of a migraine yesterday afternoon, i mean a whopper! i very seldom get ill, so when i do - i don’t handle it well. i took a tylenol (another "hardly ever do" type of thing), then paced until my husband made me go lie down in a darkened room, which helped ease the pain ... BUT my well laid plans for the day were totally wrecked!!! i never realized how controlling i can be until something throws a monkey wrench into my scheme of things and reminds me that in life, my list of things "to do", sometimes don’t get done!!!! yesterday, i just had to "get with the program" and "go with the flow"!

i also immediately became more sympathetic to my husbands 24/7 chronic pain and looked at life through his eyes for a while . . . healthy people really NEED to be reminded every now and again of what life feels like when your body is hurting!

so yesterday i was in life’s classroom for a bit (maybe in detention????) . . . now i don’t believe God is the author of my pain . . . however, i do believe He allows it for a purpose . . .

this morning i am thankful to be feeling well . . . usually when i think about my health, it’s a passing thought of "what a blessing" ... this morning it is more like WHAT A BLESSING!!!!

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