Thursday, November 09, 2006

Corrie ten Boom, words of wisdom

Don't worry about what you do not understand of the Bible.
Worry about what you do understand, but do not live by.

To get the most from your Bible, read it with your ears open.

The health department of a country does its utmost to protect the people against germs and infections. What do we do to protect ourselves and others against moral germs and infections?

Let God's promises shine on your problems.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Great words of wisdom. I especially like the very first one!! Sandy

Saija said...

Sandy ... yup, i think that is a good one too! blessings on your weekend!

Badoozie said...

i just had a conversation the other day, which reminds me of your point. there are people in china, etc that have been saved, who have only read one page out of the bible...and sometimes when i'm feeling overwhelmed by all of the information in the bible, i pretend i only own one page..the one that talks about Jesus being sent to save us. thats all i really need

Maggie Ann said...

Amen! How true. We need to fortify ourselves with the promises of God. Thanks for your get-well wishs! Hope you've had a good day..I am up to late...again, but enjoying myself immensely..=)

Saija said...

susie-Q ... we really do have an information overload in our continent - while that can be good, sometimes it can be discouraging as well since there is no way we can "get it all" ... God knows that, as long as our walk is towards HIM who saved us, and we keep taking that one step at a time - before you know it, we will have gone quite a distance ... (((Hugs))))

maggie ann ... i'm glad you are back in your routine again! :o) ... hope you got a good rest - ready for your company!

Michael said...

Hey I can see it!


Take Care

M. C. Pearson said...

Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Good reminder! Thank you.

Saija said...

michael ... maybe i should change to the new format? i wonder if these glitches happen because i haven't!!!

mc ... your welcome, i like to post these to remind me!!!

tina ... corrie ten boom really wrote from a vast experience, which blesses my heart!