Thursday, November 30, 2006

imagine ... only one more sleep ...

photo by sisko

the sale of our cottage, finding the rental and now, finally, the much prayed for condo - all these moments i have shared with you ...

tonight is the last sleep before we get the keys to answered prayer - imagine!

if you have the time, take a journey with me into my archives ... to see how the Lord directed our path to arrive where we are today ...

the cottage we had lived in for 14 years, sold dec 2, 2005 ... we felt so strongly that God was in it ...
click here

next came the realization we didn't have anywhere to move!
click here

then the Lord gave me verses to cling to, through a scary time
click here that started the long list of "no" answers to places we wanted to buy click here

even finding a rental seemed to be extremely difficult
click here, though God was up for the task! click here

my anxieties continued, until i had to "fire" the hardworking saija, and let God deal with everything ... click here

after much searching and prayer ... God just "dropped" the condo into our laps!
click here

He HAS given me the desire of my heart ... but in the end - it is only God - not possessions or people or places ... that IS the DESIRE of my HEART...

to HIM be the Glory ... now and forever more ...

yup yup ... only one more sleep ... *grin*

"I will greatly rejoice in the Lord,
My soul shall be joyful in my God ..."
Isaiah 61:10a


jel said...

is today the day ?



Terry said...

Dear Saija...You are so quiet.. I do hope you didn't sleep in! [yeh sure!!]!...Love Terry

Hello Jel you little darling!!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Woo-Hoo! Congratulations.....the day has finally arrived!

You wear your joy well!



Saija said...

jel ... yes, we were at the condo early and just puttered around doing things ... we hope to repeat the schedule tomorrow! :o)

terry ... i am a pooped girl today ... even though we didn't get near as much done as i had hoped - it was fun to just plan ...

Diane ... it is a joyful time - and i best remember that as i get tired from the moving ... we're thinking we might paint? hmmmm? i've done a fair bit of staining, but not painting ... we shall see!

Anonymous said...


What can I say? God is good! I'm so happy for you and Leo!

Enjoy the sanctuary the Lord has given you!

Lots of love,

David/the Pilgrim

Badoozie said...

but, but, i wanna see a picture of the new one!

Maggie Ann said...

Thinking of you today, and wondering how things were going. What fun you must be having though..along with the work. I was expecting company today that cancelled on me. Tomorrow is another

Anonymous said...

I celebrate with you Saija! Praise the Lord for His awesome provision!

Jammie J. said...

that was a lot of work you did, linking to your archives.

i am so glad the day is finally here. :)

Saija said...

David ... my blogging buds, have really become an extended family for me ... thank you for your encouragement and prayer on our behalf! it is SOOO appreciated! :) blessings on you!

susie ... well if you e-mail me, i'll send you some pics ... :) ... i hope to post some later ... but write now it looks like the bare bones of a cute little condo - i just want to make it "home sweet home" first!

maggie ann ... it was a good day yesterday ... except for the realization that we aren't getting any younger and maybe i will have to curtail the big "to do" list down somewhat ... i always have to remember that i can't spend all my energy on a work project, 'cause leo needs help in the every day ... but it's all good - i just need to keep close to the Lord and He will give me the strength! :)

mindy ... celebrating is good! i'm glad to share the happy times as well ... YAY for the Lord!

jeanette ... i looked back on my archives before we got the keys, and it blessed my heart so much to see God's hand working behind the scenes ... scenes i couldn't see with my mortal eyes ... just had to share! and now we have 2 bathrooms as well - oh, you guys have 3? right? *grin*

jettybetty said...

God's timing is perfect! I am so happy for you and Leo. I pray your new place is one of God's joy and peace for many years!

Jammie J. said...

3 toilets, but they call it "2.5" because we only have 2 tubs. pfft, i can wash my hair in the toilet if I want to. hehe.

archives are good for seeing God working in your life. :)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You are all in your new condo now!! good for you. I am glad to hear a great story that you are so happy and that God is good!! Patience has paid off. Sandy

Saija said...

JB ... as we putter around in our still empty condo - we are enjoying it a whole lot! truly feeling blessed! :o)

jeanette ... well ours is only 1.5 ... but that is .5 more than we had before! *laughing*

Sandy ... next Saturday is our big move - we are still in our rental - but we go over to the condo daily ... we keep singing to the Lord "oh, how happy you have made me ... oh - how happppyyyyy YOU have made me!" it's a commercial jingle, but SURE applies to our heart condition!

jel said...

hope you are enjoying your new home !


Saija said...

jel ... yes - i'm enjoying the packing/planning and anticipation of getting all our furniture moved next weekend!!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

I followed all of your links on this!!! Wonderful how you've shared so openly and honestly. It is all of our story of walking this walk of faith!!!! Just the circumstances change.