Saturday, November 25, 2006

well placed trust ...

He who puts his trust in Me shall possess the land, and shall inherit My holy mountain. Isaiah 57:13

Snowy evergreens pay homage to El Capitan as sunlight bejewels the majestic mountain's crown. Millennia ago, wise men paid homage to a heavenly King who set aside the majesty of heaven to willingly wear a crown of thorns in our behalf.

quote and picture from RBC calendar


Anonymous said...

Hi Saija, What a lovely blog you have : ) I especially love the pictures here! There was this bear one in the archives where he was hanging on a line, and it reminds me of my partner (a real "bear person"), lol. Really sweet pictures!

Looking forward to exploring more Saija : )

Blessed Weekend : ) Wendy

jel said...


Badoozie said...

i missed the part where you found a house, but congrats

Elizabeth said...

Yosemite...the magical place of my childhood...we went there often as we did not live so far away. Never often enough however. We went again a couple years ago...what a HUGE disappointment it was...not even close to as beautiful. They had allowed parts to burn up in a forest fire and had not taken care of the meadows, etc. But some of these awesome photos take me back to when it was Paradise!! Thanks for sharing!!

Saija said...

wendy ... thank you ... i'm such a visual being, pictures speak to me as much as words - hope your weekend was blessed too!

jel ... ain't it tho'? :o)

susie ... thank you - we got to see the condo empty tonight - and then it's 5 more sleeps and we get the keys! ya-hoo!

elizabeth ... i'm glad this pic brought back good memories!