Monday, October 08, 2007

worry? who me?

Worry is a completely unproductive emotion. It is the advance interest we pay on troubles that seldom come. ... God wants to be the first one we turn to in times of worry or crisis.
~ Greg Laurie

PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING! and IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS! ... that is God's will for us ...


Catherine said...

Ha! I saw that same picture on another site today --

I love it! :)

Penless Thoughts said...

What a precious picture.

Saija said...

catherine ... it's so cute, i couldn't resist! i forget where i copied it from, but it has the website listed on the side, so i thought that was good for giving credit to the originator ... :o) ...
read your other 2 comments as well ... we've had a very nice thanksgiving monday - quiet, yet not quiet ... one of those kinds! hope all is well with you!

Susan ... isn't it? :o) ... definitely made me smile! blessings on your week!

Mari said...

So cute! It can be so hard not to worry - it does no good and we know God has us in his hand, but yet the worry creeps in. Sometimes when I am anxious I have to consciously think about handing my worries over to God, because my unconscious self just keeps stressing.

Cathy said...

Such a cute picture and true post, Saija.

Mimi said...

If we truly pray about everything... and turn it over to God... we should be able to leave the worry with Him also... But for me it is much easier said than done...
I am a worry wart...from days of old and I just think I have to carry everybody's burdens for them...
thanks for reminding me to Let God handle things!!!

Maggie Ann said...

I think most of us tend to be 'worry worts'...and I can just imagine who invented worry! Your post picture is so sweet...and thanks for leaving me a comment at my heaven and hell post. If people could only grasp the importance of getting right with God through Jesus! Time is running burdens my heart for them. Hope you have a good day...really, I envy you your new job in the library. Of course I picture you browsing books all day between cups of coffee or tea...reading to sweet little girls & boys at story hour. I'm painting a rosy picture....hope it all comes true....*hugs*

Michael said...

Adorable picture.

Take Care

prayingsensfaninmontreal said...

What a sweet picture!!! I love it!

Can you help me with more Finnish?
Come here

Kittos for your help. On saturday I was listening to a habs vs. leafs game and found myself yelling to our Finnish captain "Ammu!" and "Hieno homma!". Like he could really here me yelling through my radio to him in toronto! :-)

Oh, and can you write how to spell those words and also how to say them.

Kittos again!
Little Montreal Girl

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello!! Worry yeap one of my biggest faults and always has been. i try not to do it but it slips in every once in a while!! Hope all is well with you..How is your new kitten? Sandy

Saija said...

mari ... i have to consciously tell myself not to worry - to pray instead! i think most of us struggle with that particular problem!

cathy ... the pic made me smile! i'd be worried if i was the kitty, but it's too young to even think of that!

mimi ... i have to stop myself from carry burdens that weren't meant for me, too ... remember the old chorus, "why worry worry worry worry, when you can pray!" ... :o)

maggie ann ... *smiling* re your image of my library job - i think that would be super! let's see how it turns out!!! :o) ... blessings on you!

michael ... i'm such a sucker for those cute pics!

lil mtrl grl ... 'k ... stop "puus-ah-too" ... go "men-nah" ... come here is "tul-le tan-neh" ... as for the correct spelling of the words: stop- pysahdy, go - menna, come here - tulle tanni (that i'm not quite sure of) ... hope that was helpful!

Sandy ... i wonder if men worry as much as we do? ... the kitty is doing great - growing and getting into all kinds of mischief (who's idea was this anyway????) ... blessings to you!